Western states and feds close on landmark deal to prevent Lake Mead from falling further |Cnn (2023)

Western states and feds close on landmark deal to prevent Lake Mead from falling further |Cnn (1)

California, Arizona and Nevada are in talks with the federal government to cut about 10% of their Lake Mead water use over the next four years.


Three western states and the federal government is approaching an agreement to leave millions of liters of water inThe Colorado River’sLake Mead- Water that would otherwise have been used to irrigate fields or generate hydropower - in exchange for at least $ 1 billion in federal funding toVoluntary water cuts, according to two sources familiar with the plan.

The Colorado River system delivers water and electricity to more than 40 million people in seven states, as well as irrigation to Western farmers.But that system has shownAlarming water lossafter a multi-year, climate change-driven drought collided with decades of overconsumption.

Western states and the federal government have been in excited discussions for months to come up with a plan to prevent the Colorado river and the country's largest reservoirs, Lakes Mead and Powell, from teeming to disaster.

Top water dealers from California, Arizona and Nevada have discussed left 3 million acre feet water in Lake Mead for the next four years, the sources said they warned of negotiations with the US domestic department was fluid and could change.

Sea temperatures heated by a strong El Niño in January 2016 with permission from NOAA 'reads the alarm': the world on the field to violate a critical warming threshold in the next five years

The preliminary amount would be about 10% of the states' normal water distribution and would be in addition to previously agreed cuts negotiated in 2019 and 2007. The federal funding offered for water cuts was part of $ 4 billion inFINANDING OF DRUSHING AIDadopted in the inflation reduction law.

States and the US Government are trying to enter into a framework agreement before May 30, the end of the comment period of a dramaticEnvironmental analysisreleased by federal officials last month. That analysis could force the three states to cut nearly 2.1 million additional acre-feet of their Colorado River use by 2024 alone. At the time, top federal officials said publicly they hoped their proposal would spur discussion among states that have spent the past year sparring over cuts.

"We believe that the United States created a circumstance to encourage this kind of discussion by laying out two fundamentally flawed alternatives," a source involved in the negotiations told CNN.

Western states and feds close on landmark deal to prevent Lake Mead from falling further |Cnn (3)

Colorado River Serpentines nær Lake Havasu City, Arizona, on April 3, 2023.

The domestic department refused to comment on the details of the possible agreement, but the Department of the Tyler Cherry department said in a statement that officials have been “engaged in productive, good faith-discussions with the lower basic representatives' representatives against a consensus-based alternative to the addressing droughtAffects the Colorado River system, "since the environmental analysis was released last month.

"We are being heard by the progress that the parties have made in recent weeks," Cherry said.

Even if the states have reached an agreement among themselves, finalizing the details with the federal government may prove difficult. Outstanding issues include a proposal that some of the water cuts remain uncompensated by the feds and whether the Upper Basin states of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming will agree to the deal.

A good winter has eased the tensions

Positive discussions about voluntary water cuts would have worked as imaginable last year after a devastating dry spell formSkubbet Lake MeadDown to approx. 1,040 feet - just 27% of its capacity and the lowest level since the reservoir was filled in the 1930s.

But this winter brought Blockbuster,above average snow packingToo much of the West, which has given states far more water to work with than in previous years.

Western water officials say a key goal this year is to build water levels at Lake Mead. Some of that will be replenished naturally from the good winter runoff, but state officials said more should come from farmers, cities and tribes reducing their water use in exchange for federal dollars.

"What I hope is happening are people who were considering putting their water in (the Federal Water Cut) program still does," Arizona's top water told official Tom Buschatzke to CNN in April. "It's a little easier to preserve whenYou can be compensated and when it's really wet, courage when it's really dry and you look at forced cuts - much more uncertainty about how far down Lake Mead could go and how big the demo can be."

Western states and feds close on landmark deal to prevent Lake Mead from falling further |Cnn (4)

A canal runs through agricultural land near California-Arizona border on April 4, 2023.

Buschatzke emphasized that states should look at the wet winter "as an opportunity to make more preservation, rather than Mother Nature has solved our problem."

States have spent the past year in tense negotiations after Commissioner for Recovery Camille Calimlim Touton urged western water users to cut back2 to 4 million acre-feetof their Colorado River use or risk system failure.

Surprisingly, aespecially tense periodOf the negotiations in January - one that isolated California - gave way to productive personal conversations, several dealers told CNN last month.

"It was really intense and terrible," California's top dealer JB Hamby recently told CNN and talked about the January period. "I think at the end of the day was the biggest problem that caused all these complications that were easyTo solve, simply getting people in the same room and talking to each other. "

Remaining connection points

Before this month's breakthrough, California, Arizona and Nevada struck a deal among themselves that was revealed to Deputy Interior Sec. Tommy Beaudreau and Touton at an April 21 meeting in Nevada, a source told CNN. But some new tensions between the states and the feds is cut openAnalysis producedby the Home Department last month.

States hoped their plan for voluntary, compensated cuts could essentially take the place of federal action on the river, an idea federal officials pushed back on, according to a source familiar with the meeting.

Western states and feds close on landmark deal to prevent Lake Mead from falling further |Cnn (5)

A field is irrigated on Quechan Tribal Land in Yuma, Arizona, on April 4, 2023.

And there has also been buying above what level Lake Mead would have to fall to for the federal government to be able to step in and make further unilateral cuts.

"There has been a great effort to solve this diplomatic, but it was hampered by ego and problems," the source said.The source added that the White House officials, including senior advisers John Podesta and Mitch Landrieu - responsible for overseeing the law on inflation reduction and Bipartisan Infrastructure Act - will also be read in the negotiations as financing for water cuts and future water infrastructure projects will come from these.lion.

Sources also said that the pool of money for compensated cuts could grow to over $ 1 billion, given the fact that some water users, including farmers, ask for higher money sums to cut down on their water consumption.Agreements are gradually signed between cities and tribes and the federal authorities, and short -term set -up agreements are still being negotiated with farmers.

MenAs CNN has reported, these contracts for cutting water in exchange for money are also flexible enough to give farmers and cities the chance to knock out, should dry conditions return.

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