The 6 best IKEA mattresses in the test UK | February 2023 (2023)

As famous as they are for their flat-pack furniture and bargain housewares, Swedish own brand IKEA is no stranger to having something for everyone, especially after launchIKEA UK mattress sizes. IKEA is one of the most successful and popular home brands around the world. Customers love IKEA as a brand because they have some of their products made by individual designers who are recognized for their collaboration.

The problem with buying a mattress is figuring out what you actually need. There are many different types and they can vary in both strength and materials. The added benefit of buying an IKEA mattress is that they are amazingaffordable compared to other mattressesthey are just as good. This way you can use the money you save on different items from the many ranges IKEA has to offer.

Of course you could get itProblems with IKEA mattress, but IKEA offers a range of products so you should be able to pick a great mattress by browsing through what IKEA has to offer. The best way to find the perfect, quality IKEA mattress you want is by reading IKEA mattress reviews.

People often wonder if IKEA mattresses are any good, and the mass selection of innovative homewares sold by IKEA doesn't detract from the mattress quality.

If you're interested in shopping at IKEA, read on for IKEA mattress reviews of some of the best products IKEA offers(Important considerations at the end).

IKEAHÖVÅGMattresspocket jumpmedium firm25 years£179
IKEA MORGEDAL MattressMemory Foam-Matratzemedium firm25 years£179
IKEA SHELVING Matratzepocket jumpmedium firm25 years£265
IKEA Hamarvik mattresspocket jumpBusiness25 years£129
IKEA HAFSLO Mattresspocket jumpmedium firm25 years£99
IKEA MALFORS mattressfoam mattressmedium firm25 years£99

1. IKEA HÖVÅG mattress

The 6 best IKEA mattresses in the test UK | February 2023 (1)

One great thing about buying a mattress from IKEA is that they offer the same types of mattresses in different sizes; This is useful when shopping for the whole family or when size is a concern at home. The HÖVÅG pocket spring mattress follows this trend and is available in eight different sizes! The standard double bed is an affordable price compared to other high-end mattresses while maintaining the same quality. This particular mattress has hundreds of positive reviews that discuss the excellent value for money and product quality. The reviews also like the look of the mattress and believe the mattress is exactly as described in store and online.Many recommendthat the HÖVÅG mattress is one of IKEA's most affordable options.

The mattress consists of several layers, and the main layer consists of a multitude of steel pocket springs. The benefit of a pocket spring mattress is that it contours your body, keeping it relaxed and comfortable throughout the night as you can settle down and stay as still as possible. This is useful if you are a light sleeper, as the springs expand with movement, allowing the mattress to adapt to your body with each new movement. The mattress also comes with a thick layer of filling that only adds to your comfort.

IKEA designed the mattress to be single-sided, which means you don't have to turn it over to continue the comfort you're experiencing. You can just rotate it if you want a quick change. There are also many additional benefits of pocket springs as they are breathable, durable and hypoallergenic. You can rely on the IKEA HÖVÅG pocket spring mattress for a good night's sleep.

Overall we would recommend this mattress for those looking for something to help them relax at night without a hefty price tag.


The 6 best IKEA mattresses in the test UK | February 2023 (2)

The MORGEDAL mattress has been well rated by IKEA customers; They suggest that it offers excellent value for money and also scores well in terms of looks and quality. The IKEA mattress is described as medium firm and many recommend that this firmness within a mattress is great for your posture and spinal alignment. This is where the memory foam system comes in as it offers comfort and support to users. There are many different benefits of memory foam, including pressure relief and added comfort.

The foam adjusts as you sleep, conforming to your body. The great thing about memory foam is that it also helps relieve pressure from various parts of the body - and the MORGEDAL memory foam mattress is no stranger to this. It specifically relieves your shoulders and hips, leaving you feeling light as a feather all night long. The layer of soft fillings offers additional comfort and even more support. The foam also retains heat to keep you warm throughout the colder months year after year.

This mattress also comes with a generous 25-year guarantee! This means you can rely on IKEA to provide you with excellent quality and service you can count on. The mattress comes tooroll wrapped, which makes it easier to transport to your dream room at home. Simply unroll the mattress and let it rest in the afternoon and evening before getting comfortable. However, IKEA recommends that you give the mattress 72 hours to air out completely and give yourself a few weeks to fully adjust.

For those looking for some extra pressure relief, this mattress could be the perfect option in the IKEA range.

3. IKEA HYLLESTAD mattress

The 6 best IKEA mattresses in the test UK | February 2023 (3)

With over a hundred reviews, IKEA's HYLLESTAD mattress appears to be a mid-range price point compared to some of the other mattresses they sell; but that makes up for the increased quality. Many customers have rated the quality of the mattress with five stars, which is impressive.

It is available in four different sizes, so you can choose the mattress according to your own requirements and needs. Customers also enjoy the look of the mattress as it comes with a washable stretch fabric outer layer. This layer ensures a new mattress feeling every time you lie down.

The HYLLESTAD mattress consists of individually packed pocket springs (241 pocket springs/sqm). These springs give the mattress a medium degree of firmness on the firmness scale. The mattress also retains its firmness and quality because the springs are made of thick wire. The pocket springs are surrounded by a layer of latex that helps take pressure off all points of your body.

For more information on latex see ourLatex matsbook page.

The third layer within the mattress is made up of softer fillings that only add to your comfort and provide that extra bit of support. The HYLLESTAD also comes with a 25-year guarantee, so you can sleep better for longer! We recommend this as one of the best IKEA mattress options for those looking for quality springs.

The individually wrapped springs on this mattress are highly rated, so be sure to try them out if you're looking for sturdiness and comfort.

4. IKEA HAMARVIK mattress

The 6 best IKEA mattresses in the test UK | February 2023 (4)

The HAMARVIK spring mattress is one of the firmer mattresses that IKEA sells. It's also one of the cheapest and comes in three different sizes. With the HAMARVIK you can be sure that you will get excellent value for money due to the quality of the materials and the good equipment.

The mattress comes with a dark beige and white outer layer made of soft material. The mattress is also ergonomically useful as there are handles on both sides of the mattress that make it easy to maneuver. You will definitely be thankful for the handles if you ever decide to move the mattress around your home!

This mattress is available in two firmness options, firm and medium firm, which is ideal for those who can't decide which type they need. The affordability of the mattress (which also does not change depending on firmness) makes this mattress more attractive to consumers around the world. It is available in three different sizes, which means that this mattress is a strong competitor in IKEA's large mattress collection due to its variation. These reasons could be why the HAMARVIK is one of the top rated mattresses in the range.

Customers appreciate the comfort of the mattress and believe its quality is second to none. IKEA has branded this mattress that you can have "the best of both worlds" as the Bonnell springs provide firm support while the soft filling provides a cushioned feel. This means the mattress offers extra comfort, so you can be sure of a fantastic night's sleep night after night. Especially with the generous 25-year guarantee!

You will find that this mattress suits many people because of the firmness options on offer.

5. IKEA HAFSLO mattress

The 6 best IKEA mattresses in the test UK | February 2023 (5)

IKEA has another medium-firm creation in its mattress collection, generously rated by over a hundred customers. The HAFSLO mattress is available in three different sizes – single, double and king-size mattress. Prices are absolutely affordable, making this mattress a great option for all family members. You can also order the HAFSLO online to save yourself the dreaded weekend shopping trip with the whole family!

This mattress is perfect for those who prefer a more stable sleeping experience. IKEA made the mattress with Bonnell springs and doesn't include much softness to prevent that sinking feeling. A firmer mattress also provides more lumbar support, which might be beneficial for thosesuffer from spinal problems and have various types of hip and pelvic painwhile they sleep. Perhaps a firmer option is better if you're also a light sleeper, since you're less likely to toss and turn throughout the night.

There is a generous 25-year guarantee on the HAFSLO, so that you can sleep comfortably and peacefully for longer. IKEA also points out that this mattress is designed to be used on one side. The days of having to turn your mattress multiple times a month are so long gone. Manufacturers recommend allowing the mattress a full 72 hours to fully recover its shape after being rolled packed for added hassle-free portability.

This mattress will last for many years and is a good option for those who enjoy firmer sleeps.

6. IKEA MALFORS mattress

The 6 best IKEA mattresses in the test UK | February 2023 (6)

An affordable top contender for best IKEA mattress is the beautifully designed and packaged MALFORS foam mattress. With five different size options, you have an excellent choice when it comes to purchasing. Compared to some other mattresses made and sold by IKEA, the MALFORS mattress seems to be one of the cheapest, and prices don't seem to vary much depending on which size you choose.

The outer layer of the mattress is made of a soft fabric that is fully machine washable. Some of the other IKEA mattresses don't have this feature, which seems to go down well in customer reviews. IKEA has also optimized the mattress cover by making the zipper fully childproof - and that doesn't make it harder for you to open and close the cover.

The inner layer of the mattress is made of elastic foam that supports your whole body every night. This mattress appears to be on the softer side of the medium-firm scale. While the materials are soft and cushioned, the foam is also sturdy, providing that extra level of strength. The foam used in the MALFORS foam mattress is designed to conform to your body shape and help support pressure areas. The properties of MALFORS ensure that the mattress does not fall short in terms of comfort, performance and quality.

Overall, this mattress might be best for those who are on a tight budget and want to find something that can be easily serviced.

Conclusion of the best IKEA mattress reviews

What all IKEA mattresses seem to have in common is the fact that each of them is good and highly rated. While that's great, it can also make your decision difficult, especially if you're not exactly sure what you want or need.

Choosing a mattress is hard work because there are so many, each with their own distinctive characteristics. If IKEA seems to be your first choice for a manufacturer, you definitely won't be let down with a ton of options available. Check out IKEA bed reviews and mattress ratings to find the best mattress and mattress type for you.

Take some time to consider what you need and remember that the best IKEA mattress is the one that fits you perfectly!

Ikea mattress test


Outstanding guarantee

Big budget choice


Only feels medium firm on sale

Reports of outgassing


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