'Spidey and his Fantastic Friends' Cast and Character Guide (2023)

The character ofSpider Manhas spawned limitless spin-offs and adaptations in both live-action and animation forms. One of the latest additions to this collection is the 2021 Disney Junior animated seriesSpidey and his amazing friends. The story follows a much younger Peter Parker who has teamed up with Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales to form a Spidey team similar to the latest hit blockbusterSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. But all three are children in this iteration. Together, they face many iconic villains from the Spider-Man comics and occasionally work alongside other iconic Marvel allies. The first two seasons and a collection of shorts can all be seen on Disney+. Be sure to swing through the following cast and character guideSpidey and his amazing friendsfeaturing the most important friends and enemies of the Spider trio.



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Benjamin Valic as Peter Parker/Spidey

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Peter Parker is New York's beloved Spider-Man or Spidey as he is nicknamed. Like previous versions, he is an intelligent and inventive genius who creates gadgets such as the supercomputer WEB-STER and the tiny Spider-bot sidekicks for himself and his teammates. He is a cat lover and a huge Iron Man and Black Panther fanboy. His anger sometimes causes him to lose focus on missions, but he is well aware that with great power comes great responsibility.Benjamin Valicis a child voice actor who most notably voiced Baby SonicSonic the Hedgehogand appeared inGuillermo del Toro'sPinocchio.

Jakari Fraser as Miles Morales/Spin

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Miles Morales is Peter's best friend and another gifted hero with Spider-Man abilities who goes by the alias Spin (based on spiders' ability to spin webs). He has dark, curly hair and is of Puerto Rican and black background. He differs from Peter and Gwen by having the special ability of invisibility and a black and red Spider-suit. His Spider-bot is TWIST-E.jacari fraseris a child actor who has voiced in animated series such asBlaze and the Monster MachinesandInterrupts chicken. He has also appeared in live-action projects such asAbbott Elementary,Ben is back, andAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Lily Sanfelippo som Gwen Stacy/Ghost Spider

Gwen is another friend of Peter and Miles and operates under the Spidey alias Ghost Spider. She has light hair with pink colored tips. She dons a white and pink Spider suit and has the special ability to fly due to the wings on her suit. Gwen's Spider-bot is TWIST-E and she tends to have a detective eye like her mother.Lily Sanfelippois a teenage actress who has voiced in other animated projects such asIldknopperandTurns red. She also appeared in episodes ofSuperbutikandYoung Sheldon.

Dee Bradley Baker som TRACE-E/TWIST-E

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TRACE-E and TWIST-E are Spider-bot sidekicks for Peter and Miles respectively. These are little gadgets that Peter has designed for all his friends.Dee Bradley Bakeris a prolific voice actor appearing in animated series such asAmerican Dad!,Spongebob SquarepantsandAvatar: The Last Airbender. He also voiced in major films like the originalSpace Jam,The Suicide Squad, andShang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings.

Melanie Minichino so many May

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As in previous adaptations, Aunt May is Peter's legal guardian. She is much younger compared to previous versions due to the core Spidey trio being children.Melanie Minichinois an actress who has previously voiced animated series such asMr. Peabody & Sherman Show,TOTS, and 2017Spider ManDisney show. She also appeared in episodes ofThe wonderful Mrs. Maisel,S.W.A.T., andThe sopranos.

Eugene Byrd and Gabrielle Ruiz as Jeff and Rio Morales

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Jeff Morales is the father of Miles. Corresponding toInto the spider-verse, he is a police officer for the NYPD.Eugene Byrdis an actor who has appeared in TV shows i.aSecrets of Sulfur Springs,All American, andBones. He has also voiced in other animated projects such asLego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures,Legends around Vox Machina, andSuperman: Man of Tomorrow.

Rio Morales is the mother of Miles. She works as an emergency physician.Gabrielle Ruizis an actress who played Valencia Perez in theCrazy ex-boyfriend. She also starred in episodes ofModern FamilyandLaw and Order: Special Victims Unit.

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Kari Wahlgren and Scott Porter as Helen and George Stacy

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Helen Stacy is Gwen's mother and she works as a detective for the NYPD. Fortunately, she remains alive in this adaptation due to always being killed off in the comics.Kari Wahlgrenis a voice actress who has built up a huge repertoire of voice roles since providing the English dub of anime series such asMirage of Blaze andWitch Hunter Robin. She is best known for voicing JessicaRick and Morty. Wahlgren has also voiced other major animated properties, includingKung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness,DC Super Hero Girls, andCarmen Sandiego.

George Stacy, Gwen's father, works at the NYPD as a police captain.Scott Porteris an actor who has appeared in films such asSpeed ​​Racer,Music and lyrics, andThe to-do list. He also appeared in TV series, i.aGinny and Georgia,Hart of Dixie, andFriday night light. Porter has also expressed himself in video games such asGod of War: Ragnarok,Marvel's Avengers, andBatman: Arkham Knight.

Tru Valentino som T'Challa/Black Panther

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T'Challa is the young king of Wakanda and the nation's protector as the Black Panther. He often has to fight villains who try to steal the resource from Vibranium to build their own weapons.Gennem Valentinois an actor known for appearing inThe Rookie. He has been involved in several animated projects, e.gThe Cuphead Show!,Fast & Furious Spy Racers, andMadagascar: A bit wild.

Sandra Saad as Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel

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Kamala Khan is another child superhero who goes by the name Ms. Marvel. In the tradition of the comics, her superpowers include being able to stretch her limbs like rubber.Sandra Saadis a voice actress who has worked on several video games, includingCall of Duty Modern Warfare,League of Legends, and Kamala Khan herself voices the video gameMarvel's Avengers.

Armen Taylor as the Hulk

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The Hulk is a young, giant, green humanoid hero with gamma-powered super strength. Unlike previous adaptations, the Hulk is more of a lumbering hero and has not been shown transforming or "Hulking out".Armen Tayloris a voice actor who has provided the English dubbed voices for anime shows such asGhost in the Shell SAC_2045,Vinland Saga, andHunter x hunter. He also voiced in video games such asWorld of Warcraft,Hello neighbor 2, andDiablo Immortal.

John Stamos som Tony Stark/Iron Man

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Tony Stark is a tech genius and billionaire who built his Iron Man armor. Just like in the MCU, Peter is a big fan of him, so Tony helps teach and help him on missions.John Stamosis an actor best known for playing Uncle Jesse in the 90s sitcomFull house. He went on to star in other TV series likeThieves,IS, andGrandfather. Stamos has voiced in other animated projects, e.gMickey Mouse FunhouseandHarley Quinn.

Sean Giambrone og Maya Aoki Tuttle som Ant-Man and the Wasp

'Spidey and his Fantastic Friends' Cast and Character Guide (12)

Ant-Man is the size-shifting superhero who partners with the Wasp.Sean Giambroneis an actor whose most popular role is Adam Goldberg in the television sitcomThe Goldbergs. His voice acting credits includeClarence,Opposites of the Sun, andJurassic World: Camp Kridt.

The Wasp is another superhero who can change to a large or small size like his partner Ant-Man. She can also fly regardless of her size.Maya Aoki Tuttleis a voice actor who has worked on several video games, includingDestiny 2: Lightfall,Marvel Avengers Academy, and the latestThe Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

JP Karliak as Green Goblin

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The Green Goblin is an iconic Spider-Man villain that the Spidey trio often face. In this version, he is a more chaotic and mischievous enemy who enjoys seeing people in trouble.JP Karliakis a voice actor whose previous credits includeTrolls: Trolltopia,The Boss Baby: Back in Business, andThe new Looney Tunes.

Kelly Ohanian I'm Doc Ock

'Spidey and his Fantastic Friends' Cast and Character Guide (14)

Doc Ock is one of the smarter and stronger criminals who fight against the Spidey team. Taking a page fromInto the spider-verse, Doc Ock is a woman in this version who also builds machines like her mechanical tentacles. She also has little Octobots to oppose the Spidey team's Spider-bots.Kelly Ohanianis a voice actor who worked on video games, includingNo More Heroes IIIandEpic seven.

Justin Shenkarow som Rhino

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The Rhino is a supervillain with a lot of strength but not a lot of brains. He is often shown stealing gold or eating ice cream.Justin Shenkarowis a voice actor who starred in classic cartoons such asHey Arnold!,Lloyd in the room, andImmersion. He also starred in TV series likepicket fence,Creepy, Indiana, andSons and Daughters.

Stephanie Lemelin som Electro

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Electro is a villain introduced in the second season with abilities to manipulate and project electricity. She has also been gender-swapped in this iteration compared to the comics.Stephanie Lemelin has voiced in other animated series such asYoung Justice,Dawn of the Croods, andHarvey Girls Forever!She also starred in TV series likeThe whole truth,Cavemen, andThe young and the restless.

Jaiden Klein Sum Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

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Black Cat is a young thief who gravitates towards stealing shiny things. She is more of an anti-hero who alternates between committing crimes and helping the Spidey team. Similar to the comics, Black Cat develops a fondness for Peter.Jaiden Kleinis a young actress who originated the Broadway role of Young Elsa in theFrozen the Musical. She also starred in TV series likeWe crashed, andI know this much to be true.

Tom Wilson I am Sandman

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The Sandman is another villain introduced in the second season who has the power to manipulate the earth, particularly in the form of sand. He is also a fatherTom Wilsonis best known for playing Biff Tannen inBack to the Futuretrilogy. He also starred in films likeThe heat, and television series such asLegends of TomorrowandZach Stone becomes famous. Wilson built her voice acting credits with roles such asPatrick Star Show,Pig Goat Banana Cricket, andDragons: Riders of Berk.

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