Our daily bread: 12 sandwiches to try in London for National Sandwich Week (2023)


ondon is a city full of goodsandwich. You can have a decent one every day all year round. Even a simple bacon number in Cafe Verona,Moorgate, is worth eating, the meat is crispy, the fat sets nicely in white slices.

There is also the avant-garde, and many have achieved fame far beyond what some might expect from a sandwich shop. Below is a list of 12 great places to find a good lunch. All kinds of excellent fillings are spread between baguettes,sourdough, pita bread and much more.

Max's sandwichbutik

Max's Sandwich Shop in Crouch Hill has been gaining cult status for a while. It's not just the ownerMax Halleys inventive combinations that enticedining guests, but his lively persona, charismatically centered on such things as ducks. Those lucky enough to visit when Max is in town will be greeted with delight by a sort of Willy Wonka of sandwiches before choosing from a precise but explosive menu. What you should try is "ham, egg 'n' chips", where in thick whiteBreadham hock is accompanied by a fried egg, comforted by piccalilli and vinegar mayonnaise and topped up with small fritters. There's a reason supermarkets copy Max, a man who was most likely the first to use gravy mayo in a commercial capacity.

19 Crouch Hill, N4 4AU,maxssandwichshop.com


Unless you've spent the last year lost at sea, you'll be well awareMiznon, the Tel Aviv-born restaurant group founded by a man obsessed with tomatoes. OwnerEyal Shaniensures that pillowy (yes) pita bread is filled with all manner of fillings, each listed on a ridiculously worded menu written in Comic Sans. One dish is called "Roasted Cauliflower Innards," another is dubbed "Deep Satisfaction." In the latter, slow-cooked brisket, melted cheddar, pickled green chillies and ribbons of cornichons are draped deliciously in garlic sauce. The dish lives up to its name. A more classic falafel number is equally affirming, while the "long, thick and juicy" lamb pita is also pleasing.

8 Broadwick Street, W1F 8HW. For more information, visitmiznon.co.uk

I shirt

Last year, celebrities and regulars clamored to I Camisa's defense following news that the nearly century-old Italian deli was closing. The shop, which in its original location on Berwick Street dates back to 1929, was saved and its sandwiches - among countless other delights - given a new lease of life. One of the main delights is the £5 carpet prize. It might be impossible to find a more affordable lunch in Soho, at least one that uses such quality ingredients. At Camisa, choice is everything - salumi, cheeses and salads can be chosen, slipped into a chewy ciabatta and devoured before another Guinness in the countless pubs nearby.

61 Old Compton Street, W1D 6HS,icamisa.co.uk

Banh Mi Aha

A banh mi is one of the world's great fusion foods, uniting Vietnamese freshness and flavor with French indulgence. At Banh Mi Aha, the go-to is simply "Aha!". A soft baguette contains homemade pâté, three types of Vietnamese cured sausage, ham and the much-loved Kewpie mayo. Topped with pickled carrots, daikon, scallions and cilantro, here's a dish that showcases the power of a sandwich. It's worth having a papaya salad on the side, and if the weather is warm, the shop is a perfect place to eat alfresco and watch the world go by.

39 Lamb's Conduit Street, WC1N 3NG,banhmiaha.co.uk


There are many sites for remedial submarines in London. Dom's in Hackney is one. Another is Mondo, which operates out of the White Horse pub in Peckham. There, among the pints and pool, is a menu inspired by the food in Hidetaka Miyazaki films, Redwall novels and Beano comics. Settings change regularly. Right now, a hot dog sandwich is elevated by gumbo mayo, a Cajun-style corn salad, cheese, butter lettuce — called "shrettuce" by the brand — and American mustard. Another combines pastrami with "sausage-flavored chickpeas," charred broccoli, fried onions and pickles. Order the homemade hot sauce for dipping and a portion of moo krob pork belly on the side.

20-22 Peckham Rye, SE15 4JR,whitehorsepeckham.co.uk/mondo-sando

Sons + Daughters

Another commonality in London today is the mortadella sandwich, constructed in numerous ways and paraded on social media. Hackney outpost Ombra, one of the city's best modern Italian restaurants, does them superbly, as does Sons + Daughters, which recently switched from chunky slices of white to more affordable rolls, marginally reducing the size of its sandwiches but in turn halving the price . (from around £12 to £6.50). Sons + Daughters is a fine place to find an egg mayo sandwich that spruces up the watercress-studded classic with a miso element and truffle chips. But by far the best is the mortadella, where the Bolognan item is paired with taleggio, tomato relish - not too sweet - arugula, Thai basil and a tempering cider vinaigrette.

Enhed 119a Coal Drops Yard, N1C 4DQ,sonsanddaughterslondon.com

Beigel bage

The best time to visit Beigel Bake is after the pub. There will be queues, but there is something vaguely exciting about the wait. A friendship. It's actually rare that it's worth standing in line for food. At Beigel Bake, the salty beef that sails the flag, a New York-level bagel where the bread is chewy, the meat is tender, and the soft mustard a guiding force. This is the messiest food and all the better for it - a legendary shop and one of the few times the word "institution" can be properly bestowed.

159 Brick Lane, E1 6SB,bricklanebeigel.co.uk/london/beigel-bake

Dusty knuckle

Dusty Knuckle bread has become synonymous with London's hip sourdough culture. It is a conversation best avoided. The point is, the bread is among London's finest, and while there's an argument to be made that bacon sandwiches are most enjoyable when made with slices of white, you'd be foolish to ignore Dusty Knuckles' version, where smoked back bacon is pressed into traditional, flavorful sourdough and along with ketchup (correct) or brown sauce (connoisseur's choice, and therefore incorrect). Go with a friend, hungover, for breakfast, and share. Because there will also be an egg chilli cheese sandwich - fried egg, spring onion, pickled green chilli and coriander - in focaccia, which is fantastic.

Abbot Street Car Park, E8 3DP,thedustyknuckle.com


Over the past few years it seems almost everyone has been hanging out in Portugal. Lisbon mostly. That's the way things are, and understandably so given the British penchant for hearty, sloppy sandwiches. A bifana is a - strips of pork, marinated in white wine, garlic, paprika, doused in chilli sauce and mustard, all inside a roll. Those who for whatever reason are unable to make it should head to Little Portugal in Stockwell and enjoy one of London's coolest neighbourhoods. At Sintra Deli, the bifanas are well put together and approachable, and ideal with a Sagres or a Super Bock. Those seeking the higher end need look no further than Lisboeta, Nuno Mendes' shining shrine to his hometown cooking. There on the special board is where customers can find a bifana.

30 Charlotte Street, W1T 2NG,lisboeta.co.uk


If there's one sandwich that characterizes Instagram in London, it's the sando. Some of the best are delicious, like the wagyu at Taka, Marylebone. Such juicy, juicy meat. But the first port of call has to be the great creations at Panadera, Camden, a Filipino bakery from Florence Mae Maglanoc and Omar Shah. There is an egg sando of spectacular design, and another of American-style corned beef, which is made in house. First, the brisket is brined for three days and then shredded, but loosely, to give a resourceful texture. The meat is then made into a croquette with potatoes and a rich béchamel sauce, before the whole thing is fried, placed in Filipino milk bread - or pandesal - and jazzed up by lettuce and aioli.

83 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8NY,panaderabakery.com


Apparently, the club sandwich originated at the Saratoga Club House in Saratoga Springs, New York, in the late 19th century. Early recipes are simple, with turkey or chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and lots of mayonnaise between three slices of white bread. Today, egg slices make an occasional appearance, as does cheese from time to time; ham has been known to replace crispy bacon. At least atChet's, the club sandwich is a sensible take on the New York classic: fried chicken, bacon, papaya slaw, jalapenos and red cabbage are dressed with ranch. It comes with a large number of fries, as a club sandwich should. crisps? None.

65 Shepherd's Bush Green, W12 8QE,chetsrestaurant.co.uk


Vada pav, where a deep-fried potato dumpling sits on chutney and green chilli and served in a burger bun, has yet to quite make it into the central London food hype arena, but has instead mostly rounded the periphery. Still, this is Indian street food (more specifically, Mumbai and wider Maharashtra) at its best - vegetarian, cheap and filling. A prime location serving classic vada pav is Amol's near Alperton station in northwest London. Some recommend adding cheese. More central is Curry On NaanStop, a food stand with locations in Seven Dials and a delivery location in Herne Hill. Naturally, vada pav has been enjoyed by communities across London for decades. It would be fun to see it get a little more mainstream limelight.

181 Ealing Road, HA0 4LW,amolsvadapav.com

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