List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (2023)

If you are looking for the date of birth of one of yoursFavorite characters from Harry Potter, it's a bit of a gamble as to whether J.K. Rowling shared this information in the books or in other ways such as Twitter or Pottermore.

We learn the dates of birth of the main characters, as they often appear in the course of events.

We also learn the dates of birth of some of the more obscure characters as mentioned in things like Daily Prophet articles or Harry and Hermione's research on the Horcruxes.

Rowling likes to occasionally tweet her birthday wishes to characters and encourages fans to support her rugby team with a promise to share more.

Which of the many characters from J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World Birthday?

Below is a full birthday of all Harry Potter characters:

Harry PotterJuly 31, 1980
Hermine Granger19. September 1979
Ron WeasleyMarch 1, 1980
Albus DumbledoreAugust 1881
Voldemort/Tom RiddleDecember 31, 1926
Neville LongbottomJuly 30, 1980
Rotate HagridDecember 6, 1928
Draco Malfoy5. June 1980
Severus Snape9 January 1960
Luna Lovegood12 January 1981
James & Lily PotterMarch 27 & January 30, 1960
Ginny Weasley11. August 1981
Fred & George Weasley1. April 1978
Percy Weasley22. August 1976
Charlie WeasleyDecember 12, 1972
Bill Weasley29. November 1970
Molly Weasley30 October
Arthur WeasleyFebruary 6th
Sirius Black3. November 1959
DobbyJune 28
Dudley Dursley23. June
Remus LupinMarch 10, 1960
Minerva McGonagall4. October 1935
Newt ScamanderFebruary 24, 1897
Tine Goldstein19. August 1901
Horace Slughorn28. April
Dolores Umbridge26. August
Gilderoy Lockhart26 January
Sybill Trelawney9th March
Flitwick's son17. October
Pomonasprossen15. May
Garrick Ollivander25. September
Quirinus Quirrell26. September
Silvanus Kattleburn22. November
Celestina Warbeck18. August

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1. Harry Potter's Birthday – July 31, 1980

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (1)

Harry Potter's birthday is July 30th and it is one of the first birthdays we learn about in the books.

The Dursleys have retreated to a secluded cottage with Harry in tow to avoid more letters from Hogwarts. Harry lies awake alone wishing himself a happy birthday when Hagrid bursts in and reveals what's really going on.

We hear about Harry's birthday frequently, often at the beginning of each book to ground us in relation to our time. Of course, his date of birth also plays a part in the prophecy that causes Voldemort to mark Harry with his lightning scar.

LearnHarry's zodiac sign and birth chart.

Hermione Granger's 2nd birthday – September 19, 1979

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (2)

Hermione's birthday is September 19th and although it is not mentioned in the books, we learn that she is older than Harry as she and Ron are allowed to take their appearance exams earlier than he doesThe Half-Blood Prince. JK

(Video) What Happened to Every Harry Potter Character After the Series Ended (90 Characters)

Rowling later told fans on the website that her birthday was September 19.

LearnHermione's Zodiac and Birth Chart.

3. Ron Weasley's birthday - March 1, 1980

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (3)

Ron Weasley's birthday is March 1st. We find out about Ron's birthday in thehalf-blood princewhile opening a variety of gifts.

He accidentally finds a box of chocolate cauldrons and eats them, assuming they are for him, but these were actually a gift from Romilda Vane to Harry and laced with love potion.

Harry takes Ron to Professor Slughorn for healing and to extract information from the reluctant Professor.

But there Ron picks up a more serious poison in an oak-aged mead given to him by Professor Slughorn. Ron is saved by a bezoar but spends the rest of his birthday in the hospital wing.

LearnRon's zodiac sign and birth chart.

4. Albus Dumbledore's Birthday - August 1881

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (4)

We don't know Dumbledore's exact date of birth, but small clues suggest his birthday was at the end of August.

In her revelation about Dumbledore, Rita Skeeter says that he was about to turn 18thbirthday when he left Hogwarts in June and that he was 17 when he met Grindelwald.

He must have turned 18 before the end of August to qualify for his class year at Hogwarts, meaning his birthday was at the end of July, but more likely August.

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  • Richard Harris versus Michael Gambon as Dumbledore

5th Birthday of Voldemort/Tom Riddle – December 31, 1926

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (5)
(Video) Harry Potter Real Cast Real Ages And Relationships

Lord Voldemort is born on New Year's Eve. We learn Tom Riddle's birthday when Dumbledore shares his research on him with Harry.

He specifically states that he was told that Tom's witch mother had stumbled into a Muggle orphanage on New Year's Eve, gave birth to a child, and died not long after.

Neville Longbottom's 6th birthday – July 30, 1980

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (6)

We know that Neville shares Harry's birthday on July 30 because when Harry learns more about the prophecy, he is told that it could have been about either him or Neville, but that Lord Voldemort decided it was about Harry went.

It was his decision that made Harry the chosen one over Neville.

Rubeus Hagrid's 7th birthday – December 6, 1928

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (7)

Hagrid's birthday is December 6th and is one of the events being featuredHarry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, when Dumbledore throws a surprise party for Hagrid on his 56th birthdaythBirthday.

The party takes place on December 6, 1984.

Learnlike they made Hagrid so commanded in the Harry Potter films.

James Potter and Lily Potter's 8th birthdays - March 27 and January 30, 1960

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (8)

The year of Lily and James Potter's birth is tragically revealed when Harry and Hermione visit their grave in Godric's HollowThe Deathly Hallows.

This year is very important as it tells us the year of birth of many characters who were their contemporaries at Hogwarts.

They were both only 21 years old when they died defending Harry. More details about her dates of birth were later revealed by the author.

9. Weasley family dates of birth

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (9)
(Video) The First & Last Lines of 60 Harry Potter Characters

The entire Weasley family plays an important role in the books and acts like a second family to Harry.

While some of them will be revealed in the story, most were created by J.K. Rowling on her website, by popular demand.

With the exception of Ron, who we've already looked at, their birthdays are as follows:

  • Ginny – 11. August 1981
  • Fred & George – 1. April 1978
  • Percy – 22. August 1976
  • Invoice – November 29, 1972
  • Charlie – December 12, 1970
  • Molly – October 30th
  • Arthur – February 6

It should come as no surprise that Rowling decided to give birth to the troublesome twins on April 1st.

Sirius Black's 10th birthday – November 3, 1959

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (10)

Rowling revealed Sirius Black's birthday on November 3rdTwitter, and said she would share it with fans if they agreed to cheer for the Scottish rugby team in an important game.

While not all fans were happy with how the information came to light (they dubbed it "Sirius Blackmail"), most were pleased with this additional bit of information.

11. Draco Malfoy's Birthday - June 5, 1980

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (11)

Draco Malfoy's birthday, June 5th, was anotherTwitter revealed, with Rowling taking to her favorite social media platform to wish him a happy 35th birthday in 2015.

12. Dobby's Birthday - June 28th

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (12)

JK Rowling added Dobby's birthday, June 28th, to one of her websites a few years ago. Significantly, this is the same date as Rowling's sister Dianne, who is a huge Dobby fan.

It appears that Rowling gave Dobby this date of birth after learning of the affinity between him and her sister, suggesting that this was not what she had in mind when creating the character.

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  • Meaning of the quote "Master gave Dobby a sock".

Severus Snape's 13th birthday – January 9, 1960

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (13)
(Video) Disney Princesses As Harry Potter Characters

JK Rowling also revealed Severus Snape's birthday, January 9th, on Twitter when he sent a birthday message for him. She acknowledges the character's dual nature as hero and villain.

It is worth noting that Snape, James Potter, Lily and their other contemporaries at Hogwarts were only supposed to be 31 or 32 during the events of the first Harry Potter film, but they are all portrayed by significantly older actors.

James and Lily Potter were only 21 when they died in the books, but the actors who play them are much older.

Luna Lovegood's 14th Birthday - February 13, 1981

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (14)

Luna Lovegood's birthday is February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day. JK Rowling tweeted Luna's birthday in response to an avid Luna fan who tweeted her the question.

Rowling said she's always happy to answer questions from real fans.

15. Dudley Dursley's birthday – June 23, 1980

List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates (15)

Dudley Dursley's birthday occurs on June 23rd and is actually the very first Harry Potter birthday we encounter in the books.

We meet Harry when in the first book his aunt and uncle are forced to take him on a trip to the zoo for Dudley's birthday. This is when we learn that Harry is a Parseltongue as he unknowingly talks to a snake from the zoo and then frees it.

We calculate Dudley's birthday from the fact that in the first book Harry receives his letters from Hogwarts on July 24th.

At the same time, he is moved to Dudley's second bedroom. There he finds a camera that Dudley got for his birthday, which is described as broken and one month old.

From history we also know that this year, 1991, Dudley's birthday fell on a Saturday, making it very likely that his date of birth is June 23, 1980.

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List of Harry Potter Characters Birthdays - Confirmed Birth Dates? ›

July 30th (Today) was Neville's Birthday while July 31 was Harry's birthday.

Do Neville and Harry share a birthday? ›

July 30th (Today) was Neville's Birthday while July 31 was Harry's birthday.

Who was born in October in Harry Potter? ›

Armando Dippet was born. Angelina Johnson was born. Molly Prewett is born. James and Lily Potter were murdered by Lord Voldemort, while trying to protect their infant son Harry Potter.

Who is born in November in Harry Potter? ›

Sirius Black is born to Orion and Walburga Black of the ancient House of Black. The Gryffindor Quidditch team plays the Hufflepuff Quidditch team in a driving rain.

What year is the Harry Potter character born? ›

Do Harry and Dudley share a birthday? ›


Dudley was born on June 23, 1980.

Do Harry and Dudley have the same birthday? ›

Early life. Dudley was born on 23 June 1980, about five weeks before his cousin Harry Potter. He was the son of Vernon Dursley and Petunia Dursley, and the nephew of Marge Dursley and Lily Potter.

Who is a Scorpio in Hogwarts? ›

Sirius Black: Scorpio

In school, he was respected by his professors and although it took a while to clear his name, he's the only known witch or wizard to escape Azkaban. Throughout the Harry Potter series, we learn more about Sirius' dark history, and in true Scorpio fashion, he has many secrets.

What month was Snape born? ›

9 January 1960

What Harry Potter is a Libra? ›

Libra: You're Albus Dumbledore

His Libra-like nature served him many times, such as encouraging Harry to be impartial toward Snape and playing the role of the devil's advocate. Although it wasn't easy for Dumbledore, he never strayed from being a benevolent headmaster that everyone had come to love and admire.

Who was born on 31 December in Hogwarts? ›

Voldemort was born Tom Marvolo Riddle on December 31, 1926. "I am Lord Voldemort" is an anagram of "Tom Marvolo Riddle". (See "name and anagram" below.) He began to assume the identity of 'Lord Voldemort' during his latter years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, using the title amongst his close "friends".

When was Sirius Black born? ›

What day is Lily Potter's birthday? ›

Lily Potter (née Evans) was a Muggle-born witch and Harry's mother. She was born 30 January 1960 and died on 31 October 1981 at age 21. She was quite young, 19 years old, when she became pregnant with Harry, giving birth to him at 20.

When was Lily Luna Potter born? ›

From 2019 to 2026 she attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where she was sorted into Ravenclaw. Lily has two older brothers, James Sirius Potter and Albus Potter.
Lily Luna Potter
Biographical information
BornSept 1, 2008
Blood statusHalf-Blood
Sig. OtherLysander Scamander (Boyfriend)
17 more rows

Is Harry Potter a Leo? ›

True to his birthday, Harry Potter is undoubtedly a Leo! As part of Harry's Leo destiny, he's quite literally the main character and hero in the wizarding world.

When was Lucius Malfoy born? ›

Early life. Lucius Abraxas Malfoy was born in late 1953 or 1954 in Wiltshire County, England, to a family of Wizards with substantial wealth that lived in luxury within a magnificent mansion for many generations.

What were Dudley's last words to Harry? ›

Dudley's last line is also found in a deleted scene.

But he also has a deleted film scene where he has a final conversation with Harry, and his last line is, "I don't think you're a waste of space." In the final book, Dudley's last line is simply, "See you, Harry."

Did Petunia love Harry? ›

Petunia never showed any love and affection at all towards Harry because he reminded her of Lily and the wizarding world. She treated him as a waste of space, giving him the cupboard under the stairs at first and making him do all the chores. She, along with Vernon, ignored most of Harry's birthdays.

Who did Harry meet on his 11th birthday? ›

On his 11th birthday, Harry is visited by Hagrid who tells him he is a wizard and is invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Is Aunt Petunia a squib? ›

The fan asked the author if Aunt Petunia was a Squib (a non-magical person who is born to at least one magical parent) and Rowling replied: "Good question. No, she is not, she is not a Squib. She is a Muggle.

Could Dudley have a magical child? ›

Dudley is just as likely as any other muggle to have a muggle-born child. So yes, Dudley's kid could be muggle-born and if his kid was, it would be due to the same dormant magical gene in his mother's family that was activated in Lily.

Are Harry and Dudley cousins? ›

He appeared in five of the Harry Potter films as Harry Potter's spoiled cousin, Dudley Dursley. He was first cast in the role at age 10, in 1999 and would play the character until 2010 and his appearance in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1.

What zodiac is Slytherin? ›

Slytherin: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Slytherins are cunning, resourceful, and incredibly ambitious, which sounds particularly like traits that Scorpios exhibit.

What Harry Potter is a Virgo? ›

Hermione Granger: Virgo (September 19, 1979)

She's always top of her class, and she has extensive knowledge of magic. She's also practical and down-to-earth, which comes in handy when Harry and Ron are getting themselves into trouble.

Who all is a Virgo in Harry Potter? ›

Albus Dumbledore: Virgo

Born in late August, Dumbledore is a Virgo. Like a classic Virgo, he is extremely intelligent, hardworking, patient and practical in nature. Virgos are often praised for their responsible nature and we don't have second thoughts about it for the Headmaster of Hogwarts.

What is Snape's full name? ›

Severus Snape | Wizarding World.

Did Snape have a child? ›

Arabella Lily Snape (born 12 June 1981) was a half-blood witch and was the only daughter of Professor Severus Snape and an unknown descendant of Slytherin.

When was Dumbledore born month? ›

Through various interviews and discussions about the character, Rowling has established that Albus Dumbledore was born in July or August 1881 to Percival and Kendra Dumbledore.

What zodiac is lily potter? ›

Lily Evans Potter is an Aquarius zodiac sign, which belongs to the Air element of astrology, along with Gemini and Libra.

Is Malfoy a Gemini? ›

Draco's birthday was 5 June, making him a Gemini in the zodiac.

Is Draco a Libra? ›

Which zodiac sign is Draco Malfoy? Draco Malfoy is a Gemini zodiac sign, which belongs to the Air element of astrology, along with Aquarius and Libra. The symbol of Gemini is the twins, which represents a dual-natured personality.

What birthday is Slytherin? ›

Slytherin Pride Day is celebrated by “Harry Potter” fans every year on March 21.

What birth months are Slytherin? ›

  • Aries. March 21 – April 19. Gryffindor. Pottermore. ...
  • Taurus. April 20 – May 20. Hufflepuff. ...
  • Gemini. May 21 – June 20. Ravenclaw. ...
  • Cancer. June 21 – July 22. Ravenclaw. ...
  • Leo. July 23 – August 22. Slytherin. ...
  • Virgo. August 23 – September 22. Ravenclaw. ...
  • Libra. September 23 – October 22. Hufflepuff. ...
  • Scorpio. October 23 – November 21. Slytherin.
Jun 15, 2016

What month was Hermione born in? ›

19 September 1979

Who is Sirius Black's wife? ›

Black did not have a wife or children. As the portrait of Phineas Nigellus, Black's deceased great-great-grandfather, stated, the direct line of the ancient Black family ended with Sirius' death. Had Regulus Black lived, he would have been the heir of the Black home; however, he predeceased Sirius.

Did Sirius have a girlfriend? ›

He Wasn't Interested In Romance

Even in the books, no canon romantic interest is ever specified for Sirius.

Who did Sirius Black marry? ›

Marlene Black

How old is McGonagall? ›

This would possibly the character of McGonagall over 100 years old around the time of the Harry Potter books. The official online resource for Harry Potter,, confirms this discrepancy, listing McGonagall's date of birth as 4 October 1935.

Why did Lily marry James instead of Snape? ›

Because Lily (according to them) had the nerve to not fall in love with her former childhood friend, Severus Snape and marry that no-good-evil-spoiled-rich-brat James Potter.

How old was Lily Potter when she got pregnant? ›

It's probably something you've never considered before, but James and Lily Potter were actually only 19 years old when they married - and 20 years old when they gave birth to Harry.

Who is Albus Severus Potter's wife? ›

Adelena Potter (Wife) Albus and Adelena first meet during the Hogwarts Sorting Ceremony and got married during the pairs sixth year at Hogwarts.

What house was Moaning Myrtle in? ›

Moaning Myrtle

Born in the late 1920s to Muggle parents, Myrtle Warren started her Hogwarts life in the early 1940s, where she was sorted into Ravenclaw. She had no friends, and was bullied relentlessly because of her glasses and acne.

Does Harry adopt Teddy? ›

When Harry Potter was fighting Voldemort, he ended up becoming the guardian to Teddy Lupin. The son of Remus Lupin and Tonks, Teddy was given to Harry when his parents died in battle.

Who is a Aries in Harry Potter? ›

ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19): Draco Malfoy

From the second he is introduced as an archnemesis in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, we know Harry will need to bring his A-game to Hogwarts because Draco is emblematic of the Aries spirit: ambitious and unyielding.

Who is a Taurus in Harry Potter? ›

Taurus: You're Hagrid

One of the most loyal friends Harry has at Hogwarts is none other than Hagrid. Tenacious, determined, and hospitable, Hagrid's Taurean personality is truly a breath of fresh air. No matter what is going on, Hagrid remains a steadfast and reliable mentor throughout the series.

What zodiac is Hermione? ›

Hermione Granger: Virgo

Hermione was born on the 19th of September, which makes her a Virgo. I don't think anyone is surprised about this one! Hermione is representative of your stereotypical Virgo as she's extremely practical and analytical, as well as gentle and loyal.

When was Remus Lupin born? ›

10 March 1960

Who were the fallen 50 in Harry Potter? ›

Location. The Fallen Fifty (d. 2 May, 1998) were the people who were killed fighting Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters in the Battle of Hogwarts, the final conflict of the Second Wizarding War. They did not die in vain as their cause had been won after their deaths.

When was Nymphadora Tonks born? ›

Nymphadora was born on the 11th of May, 1973. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1984-1991, the time of Charlie Weasley, and was Sorted into Hufflepuff House.

Who has the same birthday as Harry Potter? ›

His date of birth? July 31 — the same birthday as the author who created him, J.K. Rowling.

Is Neville in the same year as Harry? ›

Neville Longbottom is depicted as a round-faced Gryffindor student at the beginning of the series, who is in the same school year as Harry Potter.

What zodiac is Neville from Harry Potter? ›

Cancer: You're Neville Longbottom

Although Neville seems to lack self-confidence at times, the cardinal aspect of his Cancerian nature allows him to feel emotionally self-assured in his leadership skills to take charge to protect his family at Hogwarts when the time comes.

What is Neville's Patronus? ›

Who killed Voldemort Harry or Neville? ›

During his final confrontation with Voldemort, Harry knew that he (Harry) was the Elder Wand's true master. He again cast Expelliarmus, ejecting the wand from Voldemort's hand into his own as the Killing Curse rebounded off his body, fatally striking Voldemort.

Is there an 8th year in Hogwarts? ›

Harry Potter works taking place during Hogwarts "Eighth Year” are set shortly after the Battle of Hogwarts when the school re-opens and Harry Potter and other characters return to complete their education.

When was Cedric Diggory born? ›

Cedric was born in September/October, 1978, to Amos Diggory and his wife. He grew up near Ottery St Catchpole, a small town located in Devon, England. He started attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on 1 September, 1989.

What zodiac is Ginny? ›

Aries: Ginny Weasley.

Who is a Pisces in Harry Potter? ›

Ron Weasley: Pisces

Born on March 1st, Ron is a Pisces. Like a classic Pisces, he belongs to the caring and empathetic nature.

Who is a Gemini in Harry Potter? ›

Draco Malfoy: Gemini

Though he is a straight-up jerk throughout most of the series, Draco Malfoy does have a conscience somewhere in his Slytherin heart. Geminis can't help but see both sides of things, so they sometimes get a little lost in their own heads.

Who had the rarest Patronus? ›

1 Albatross

As the rarest Patronus in the Wizarding World possible, the Albatross represents an enormous bird that flies freely across any sea. This rare Patronus represents those who are simultaneously fearless, optimistic, happy-go-lucky, and ambitious.

What Patronus is Slytherin? ›

Foxes are cunning, resourceful and fiercely intelligent – remind you of anything? That's right – we wouldn't be surprised if some members of Slytherin house find themselves with a fox Patronus. Foxes are also highly adaptable and can live in many diverse habitats around the world.

Who in Harry Potter doesn't have a Patronus? ›

He can't cast a Patronus

In a Q&A with Harry Potter fans on Twitter, J.K. Rowling was quizzed what Hagrid's Patronus would be. In reply, she wrote, 'Hagrid couldn't produce a Patronus. It's a very difficult spell. '


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