Instructions and rules for entering and leaving Norway (2023)

03.06.2022: Added link to "good advice for safe travel".

15.02.2022: Added link to the Covid-19 certificate page on

14.02.2022: Entry requirements for Norway no longer apply. General advice on infection control when traveling during Covid-19 has been added to the article.

02.02.2022: On-arrival screening requirement ended, changed documentation requirements related to pre-arrival screening, cf. regulatory change on February 1, 2022.

26.01.2022: The entry quarantine obligation expired on January 26, 2022 at 00:00.

24.01.2022: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

17.01.2022: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

09.01.2022: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

04.01.2022: Removed sentence about South Africa that was not removed in last change.

23.12.2021: Due to a change in COVID-19 regulations, the section on stricter entry requirements for eight countries in southern Africa has been removed. §4b and §4e were repealed on 12/23/21

20.12.2021: Sentences added: No changes are planned as to which countries and regions require entry quarantine during the Christmas and New Year period. The next country assessment will apply from week 2 in 2022.

20.12.2021: Updated map.

03.12.2021: Additional screening obligation upon arrival for all travellers, following regulatory changes on December 3rd

27.11.2021: Indication that entry registration upon arrival in Norway also applies to travelers who have a COVID-19 certificate, are fully vaccinated, have had COVID-19 og or have a negative test result.

26.11.2021: Updated according to regulatory changes 11/26/21, added; Mandatory negative test before entry, entry registration for everyone over the age of 16, mandatory test upon entry also for travelers from green and orange countries, overview of purple countries removed. Small revisions of the text.

22.11.2021: Updated map.

15.11.2021: Updated map.

08.11.2021: Updated map.

01.11.2021: Updated map.

25.10.2021: Updated map.

18.10.2021: The quarantine map has been updated.

04.10.2021: Updated section on Department of State Travel Advice (repealed 1 October).

04.10.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

25.09.2021: Updated according to changes in the regulations on entry measures (relaxation of entry restrictions and measures) effective from 25.9 at 16. Added quarantine rules and notices, suitable quarantine place and notice for quarantine place where many live together, this was moved from the previous chapter Quarantine and Isolation.

25.09.2021: Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions effective from September 25 at 4:00 p.m.

20.09.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

16.09.2021: Travel advice extended to October 1, 2021

06.09.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

30.08.2021: Updated text about accepted COVID-19 certificates and added link to list of accepted COVID-19 certificates (Lovdata)

30.08.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

23.08.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

17.08.2021: Updated sentence about travelers from purple countries on the EU third country list regarding testing and quarantine according to the Norwegian version.

16.08.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

13.08.2021: Added that NHS England and Wales digital COVID certificate can be verified by Norwegian authorities.

09.08.2021: Updated map and table.

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02.08.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

26.07.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

21.07.2021: Content has been simplified, links have been updated, some existing content has been specified.

19.07.2021: Information on updates to the EU third country list. Additional information on quarantine requirements for travel from green countries and regions, applicable if the traveler has traveled to or stayed in orange/red/purple/grey countries and regions in the last 10 days.

19.07.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

12.07.2021: Corrected map to show islands with correct color

12.07.2021: At 00:00: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

09.07.2021: Added link to press release (currently only available in Norwegian).

08.07.2021: The map of Europe has been replaced by a world map.

06.07.2021: Updated map and table of entry quarantines in Europe, added list of purple countries and changed text mentioning thresholds. General review of the text.

05.07.2021: 00:00 Updated map and table of green, red, dark red, purple and gray areas in Europe as of July 5th.

29.06.2021: Clarification of entry quarantine for children under the age of 16.

28.06.2021: At 00:00: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

24.06.2021: Small clarifications, including changes related to the launch of the EU's COVID-19 certificate

23.06.2021: Added that Swedish COVID-19 certificate is not yet ready for this use.

22.06.2021: Minor changes to the Immigration and Quarantine table to make the instructions clearer.

21.06.2021: Updated map and table of green and red areas in Europe as of June 21st. Updated table of countries in Europe that require quarantine hotels. Changed from Yellow Lands and Territories to Green Lands and Territories. Added that registration and testing of everyone at the border was introduced, regardless of where they came from, but had exceptions for vaccinated / COVID-19.

20.06.2021: Added "Norwegian, Swedish or Danish certificates". Updated Main Rules table to reflect updates in Norwegian text.

19.06.2021: Updated as per government reopening plan. Removed list of countries that require a quarantine hotel as there are currently no countries there.

18.06.2021: From 12 noon on June 19, travelers from countries within the EEA and Schengen with fewer than 500 new infections per 100,000 in the last two weeks are exempted from the obligation for quarantine hotels and that minors do not go to quarantine hotels. Travelers from countries outside the EEA and Schengen must stay in quarantine hotels until a negative PCR test result is obtained, which is carried out no earlier than three days after entry.

14.06.2021: Updated documentation requirements.

14.06.2021: At 00:00 Updated the map and table with new quarantine decisions.

11.06.2021: From June 11th, fully vaccinated people and people who have contracted COVID-19 in the last 6 months do not have to go into entry quarantine. Quarantine exception information updated accordingly.

10.06.2021: Added link to article “Exemption from travel quarantine from Friday 11 June at 3pm” on

07.06.2021: Added sentence: Currently the only safe and verifiable way to document the status as protected is to log into

04.06.2021: At 3pm: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

04.06.2021: 15:00 : Added table of European countries and territories that do not require quarantine hotels and updated overview of European countries and territories that require quarantine hotels. As well as a link on to an article on shortening entry quarantine for protected persons and children under 12 years of age.

03.06.2021: Added clarification that from June 3rd, people who are protected against Covid-19 (fully vaccinated, 3-15 weeks after the first vaccination dose or sick in the last 6 months) are exempt from quarantine hotels and can carry out the quarantine Period at another suitable quarantine location. Posted a link to an article on about verifiable Corona certificate and interim solution until June 11th, which means that from 03.06.2021 at 12 noon travelers do not have to be in quarantine hotels, but can Quarantine at home or another suitable place if they can document on at the border that they have been vaccinated or have contracted Covid-19 in the last six months.

02.06.2021: Added explanation about supporting dates for map of yellow/red countries in Europe

01.06.2021: Added clarification that the overview of European countries/territories that will require quarantine hotels in the future will be updated every Monday at 00:00. First update: Monday 7th June. Clarifications to the text about quarantine hotels.

31.05.2021: At 00:00: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

27.05.2021: Removed the distinction between necessary and unnecessary travel and added that from 27.5 travelers from European countries who have less than 150 new infections per 100,000 and a maximum of 4 percent of those tested in the last 14 days do not have to stay in quarantine hotels. From May 27th, the infection situation in the United Kingdom will be assessed as for other countries in the EEA / Schengen.

24.05.2021: At 00:00: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

18.05.2021: Added to the EEA and Schengen area or the UK, cf. amendments to the COVID-19 regulation of 13.5.

17.05.2021: At 00:00: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.


10.05.2021: On May 7, 2021, the government announced changes to quarantine hotels. Travelers who have stayed in countries outside the EEA/Schengen must go to a quarantine hotel upon arrival in Norway. This applies regardless of whether the trip was necessary or not. The changes came into effect on Sunday, May 9, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.

10.05.2021: At 00:00: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

03.05.2021: At 00:00: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

29.04.2021: New pre-trial detention on arrival: If the result of a rapid antigen test is positive, people who have been outside the EEA and Schengen area in the last 10 days must undergo a PCR test at the border crossing point. Other people with a positive result of a rapid antigen test must undergo a PCR test within 24 hours of their arrival.

28.04.2021: Added information on stricter entry requirements for travelers from Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Nepal and Pakistan. Paragraph on quarantine hotel moved under paragraph on entry requirements.

26.04.2021: At 00:00: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions

18.04.2021: At 00:00: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions

12.04.2021: At 00:00: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

31.03.2021: Additional information about the requirement of a negative test taken 24 hours before arrival also applies to Norwegian citizens and residents from April 1, 2021.

30.03.2021: Test on Arrival is intended to be a rapid antigen test, PCR can only be used in exceptional cases. It is no longer possible to end the time in a quarantine hotel with a negative test result 3 days after arrival.

29.03.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

25.03.2021: Added information on important voyages, with link to

25.03.2021: Removed text about PCR tests at the border for travelers from certain countries (repealed section in regulations)

22.03.2021: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions

19.03.2021: Updated information on quarantine hotels

15.03.2021:Added link to government decisions on quarantine hotels

14.03.2021:11:59pm: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

11.03.2021:Added new government recommendations

08.03.2021:11:59pm: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

23.02.2021:Added requirement that persons in entry quarantine who are not staying in quarantine hotels must be tested with a PCR test seven days after the day of arrival.

21.02.2021:11:59pm: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

14.02.2021:11:59pm: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

31.01.2021:11:59pm: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

28.01.2021:Added information on stricter rules for foreigners wishing to enter Norway from January 29th.

25.01.2021:Updated Rules and requirements for entering Norway

24.01.2021:11:59pm: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

18.01.2021:Added text about mandatory testing from January 18th

17.01.2021:11:59pm: Map and table updated with new quarantine decisions.

15.01.2021:The UK is marked on the map as a red striped area (UK should have been red striped when the map was updated on 01/11/21).

11.01.2021:Clarified point under test requirements:
Test on arrival: From January 2nd there is an obligation to be tested for COVID-19 on arrival in Norway. The obligation applies to anyone who has been in an area subject to quarantine in the last 14 days prior to arrival in Norway. This also applies to Norwegian citizens. The test should be taken as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after arrival in Norway.

10.01.2021:at 11:59 p.m.: Added link to info hotline for assistance with registration form, updated map and table with new quarantine decisions. Added sentence: "From the new year the UK is no longer a member of the EU and is therefore no longer included in this assessment and must have a quarantine obligation like other countries outside the EU/EEA/Schengen (so-called third countries)".

05.01.2021:The first two paragraphs on mandatory testing and entry quarantine restructured. No change in advice.

02.01.2021:Changed the text about the flight ban for direct flights from the UK to Norway. The ban will be lifted from January 2 at 5 p.m. Added text and links to mandatory tests for travelers to Norway from January 2nd.

31.12.2020:The government is introducing mandatory testing for COVID-19 for travelers to Norway from January 2, 2021. Read more about it here:Mandatory tests for travelers to Norway( will be updated when the measure is introduced. Added explanatory section on changes in entry quarantine from 29.12.2020 at 08:00. People entering Norway can quarantine after the seventh day at the earliest if they test negative for COVID-19 twice after arrival.

28.12.2020:Added: “The government isIntroducing new quarantine rules that will help get more travelers tested, and to strengthen compliance with quarantine rules. This applies from December 29 at 08:00.”

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22.12.2020:Added text about UK flights

20.12.2020:At 11:59 p.m.: Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions.

17.12.2020:Added link to numerical base for entry quarantine for weeks 49 and 50.

14.12.2020:Adjusted rate: The test must be taken within 72 hours of arrival in Norway. Added link to news article about changes to quarantine hotel rules.

11.12.2020:At 11:59 p.m.: Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions.

07.12.2020: Content on infection protection information for travel moved to a separate article:Infection control advice for travel during the COVID-19 pandemic

04.12.2020:At 11:59 p.m.: Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions.

27.11.2020:At 11:59 p.m.: Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions.

23.11.2020:Added a sentence about quarantine hotels

20.11.2020:At 11:59 p.m.: Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions.

16.11.2020:Informed about errors in the position of the map for two Finnish regions - the problem will be fixed. ItÀ-Savo and EtelÀ-Savo have swapped places on our map. In reality, ItÀ-Savo is on the east side of EtelÀ-Savo. The bug was fixed at 1:00 p.m.

13.11.2020, 23:59:Change under "Criteria for assessing transmission" to "From November 10, the limit values ​​​​will be changed. Exceptions to entry quarantine are now available for travelers from EEA countries and Switzerland, where there have been fewer than 25 confirmed cases per 100,000 population over the last two weeks (evaluated nationally) and less than 4 percent positive tests on average per week in the last two weeks. Added domestic travel paragraph.

10.11.2020:Added link to information letter from Health Directorate

06.11.2020:Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions.

30.10.2020:At 23:59: Updated map and table with new ones Quarantine decisions

24.10.2020:Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions.

17.10.2020:Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions.

15.10.2020:Added a link to a notice about the change in inbound quarantine effective October 17, 2020.

08.10.2020:Added a link to the news item about the change in entry quarantine effective October 10, 2020.

03.10.2020:Correction of the date in the table.

02.10.2020:Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions effective from midnight.

25.09.2020:Updated map and table with new quarantine decisions effective from midnight.

21.09.2020:On the map published on September 19, the Swedish region of VĂ€stmanland was incorrectly marked in yellow. The region is red, this was corrected on September 21, 2020 at 10:20 am.

18.09.2020:Added new map and updated country table at midnight. Countries (from yellow to red): Estonia. Regions (from yellow to red):Zealand and North Jutlandin DĂ€nemark, South Savo in Finland.Countries (from red to yellow): Island, Liechtenstein. Regions (from red to yellow): Kalmar and Blekinge in Sweden, Kainuu in Finland.

17.09.2020:Added link to notification of inbound quarantine change effective September 19, 2020.

15.09.2020:Shortened description of exception to COVID-19 regulations

14.09.2020:The wording has been updated and a paragraph on NIPH's weekly assessment of the infection situation in the EU, EEA and Schengen countries has been added.

11.09.2020:Added new map and updated country table at midnight. Countries: Hungary and Slovakia. Regions: Southern Denmark in Denmark, JĂ€mtland and Örebro in Sweden and Kainuu in Finland.

09.09.2020:Added link to notification of change of entry quarantine for travelers from Slovakia and Hungary effective September 12, 2020.

04.09.2020:Minor text adjustments that do not change the advice. Added new map and updated country table at midnight.

28.08.2020:Added under the Countries and Territories section: "Employees with household members who have symptoms but are not probable or confirmed COVID-19 cases may go to work but should follow the advice provided here." Map and table starting from Midnight applies, added.

26.08.2020:Added link to notification of change in entry quarantine for travelers from Germany and Liechtenstein, effective August 29, 2020.

24.08.2020:Added Gibraltar to Overseas Regions paragraph. Removed regions for Iceland and moved Iceland to the main list of countries.

21.08.2020:Added link to Norwegian page with a list of departures where passengers have been confirmed to have COVID-19

20.08.2020:Added link to Immigration Service Questions and Answers.

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19.08.2020:Updated with changes to red and yellow lands effective August 22, 2020.

14.08.2020:Emphasized that the government discourages all non-essential travel and reorganized the earlier versions of the maps to make them easier to find.

13.08.2020:Corrected error in color code for Zeeland and Southern Denmark

12.08.2020:New map and updated tables on changes from August 15, red and yellow areas. Added explanation of new category, yellow areas. Travel Advice extended from August 20 to October 1, 2020.

10.08.2020Added phrases: Upon arrival in Norway, you should proceed directly to an appropriate place to stay during quarantine, preferably by private transport. If you are in a public place or need to use public transport, wear a face mask while driving until you reach your destination. Added sentence: The government recommends that residents of Norway avoid unnecessary trips abroad. Additions: The Federal Foreign Office advises against all non-essential trips abroad, this applies until August 20th. An exception was made on June 15 for Nordic countries for Nordic countries that meet certain infection control requirements. From July 15, the exemption for travel to countries in the EU/EEA/Schengen area that meet these requirements has been extended.

06.08.2020:Updated map and table on quarantine on arrival in Norway from abroad. Sweden: Uppsala, Södermanland, Dalarna and VÀsterbotten all went from red to green. Kronoberg and SkÄne went from green to red. Europe: France, Monaco, Switzerland and Czech Republic changed from green to red.

05.08.2020:Updated section on medical staff returning from visiting/staying in 'green' regions/countries outside of Norway. Testing and waiting for a negative result is recommended for healthcare workers before returning/starting clinical work.

30.07.2020:Updated map. Belgium has been red flagged and is subject to entry quarantine.

24.07.2020:Minor changes that do not affect the content. Updated map and table with green and red regions and countries.

23.07.2020:Specification of tests x1 for medical staff with patient-oriented work who have stayed or traveled in "green" regions and countries outside the Nordic region in the last 10 days and who are tested when traveling to green regions and countries in the Nordic region not required by healthcare professionals.

17.07.2020:Added paragraph on overseas regions governed by Schengen countries but not part of the Schengen area.
Added new paragraph about updating the map/country list, that the government will decide on the recommendation and that the new recommendation will apply no earlier than the next day.

13.07.2020:Areas with sufficiently low transmission - indication that it was the government that decided on the exceptions.

10.07.2020:Changed order of some paragraphs, updated sections on criteria and quarantine rules when entering Norway from abroad. 6 p.m.: Clarification of work quarantine instructions. 7 p.m.: updated version of the map.

25.06.2020:Added a paragraph on workers from Schengen and EEA countries in the quarantine exemption section. Updated table with Gotland (now red). Added paragraph about EU and EEA countries.

22.06.2020:The added quarantine sentence for people arriving in Norway is the same as for close contacts who need to quarantine. Added the title “Exemptions from Quarantine Obligation”.

Edited to make it clearer what rules apply when entering Norway and where to find the rules when entering other countries.

Added that after June 15, entry into Norway without mandatory quarantine on arrival after travel to areas in the Nordic countries that are considered to have a low infection rate will be allowed. Maps and tables with an overview of which areas in the Nordic countries are exempt from entry quarantine are updated every 14 days. Criteria for assessing which areas in the Nordic region can be exempted from entry quarantine are included.

04.06.2020Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland Islands added to list of countries with exemptions from commuting quarantine. Does not apply to transit from other countries.

29.05.2020:Added link to government website about forthcoming changes to quarantine rules. Added link to reopen for travel to Denmark.

15.5.2020:Revised text.


Quarantine days changed from 14 to 10 days, according to the Norwegian government decision of 07.05.2020.

Updated text on domestic travel according to the Norwegian version.


Removed sentence about official advice to avoid unnecessary travel until April 14th. From April 15th this applies until further notice.

Removed paragraph about home quarantine according to Norwegian version

Added government paragraph. Applies to Sweden and Finland.

Updated according to Norwegian text:

Advice to avoid unnecessary travel to all countries. From March 14, 2020, Norwegian authorities are advising against non-essential travel to all countries. The advice is valid until April 14th. Travelers should follow State Department news and travel information as advice can be updated quickly. Anyone arriving from outside Sweden and Finland will be quarantined for 14 days, whether they have symptoms or not. This is retroactive to February 27th. This also applies to people who enter Norway from Sweden and Finland and have stayed in other countries in the last 14 days. Travelers arriving in Norway can choose to return to the country they left instead of having to go into quarantine.


Updates after Norwegian text. Changed the name of the paragraph “Advice after travel” to “Home quarantine advice”, added information that everyone is in quarantine after travel outside the Nordic region

Updated text according to Norwegian text. Advice after travel and areas of widespread transmission

Updated text according to Norwegian text. General changes throughout the article.

Added link to "Areas of suspected ongoing transmission" page. Revised preventive advice while traveling.

New text: "In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against unnecessary travel to mainland China due to the impact of the virus outbreak on society in China in general. The situation is continuously evaluated. (Now includes Mainland China, formerly only Zhejiang) .

(Video) Norway tourist visa requirements, processing time, checklist

Paragraphs updated"Avoid Travel to Hubei Province and Unnecessary Travel to Zhejiang in China” and “Post-Travel Advice”, according to changes in Norwegian text.

The virus' name has been changed from "2019-nCoV" to "COVID-19".


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