Ikea mattress test - are they good? (2023) (2023)

In our Ikea mattress review, we will take an in-depth look at each bed offered by the famous Swedish homeware company. These beds are known for being cheap but practical and are worth checking out if you are looking for available but economical options. Plus, with the benefits of a 90-day trial and a 365-day return policy, the risk is self-balancing. Finally, with a wide range of options to choose from, you're sure to find a bed that suits your sleep preferences and needs.

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What are Ikea mattresses made of?

Ikea is a household name when it comes to furniture. Known worldwide for their practical and affordable furniture in all sizes, styles and designs, they are an infamous brand of homeware and DIY products. The same goes for their collection of mattresses. Since Ikea offers a wide variety of different styles, I'll break them down by material to fully explain what each bed is made of.

foam and latex

Ikea foam mattresses fall into two categories: foam and memory foam. These can easily be grouped together as they offer the same benefits and have minor differences. Foam beds offer basic comfort and are particularly good for back sleepers with back pain. Because of their relatively firm density, foam mattresses are great for distributing body weight and eliminating discomfort that accumulates in certain joints.

However, memory foam is more desirable between the two. Memory foam is structured to respond to body weight, adapting to every limb and every movement. This makes sleeping with a memory foam mattress a much more enjoyable and comfortable experience. It is also the right type of material that supports well the recovery process from injuries, especially related to the joints or back. Memory foam is great for side sleepers as it effectively takes any discomfort out of your side.

In addition, foam absorbs forces excellently. A foam mattress from Ikea would have been beneficial when my son was younger and kept tossing and turning in his sleep. Ikea also offers children's foam pillows. In general, foam is recommended for stomach sleepers as they need something firmer with more support.

Latex mattresses can also be placed in the same category as foam mattresses as latex also offers the same level of comfort and overall feel. However, latex is superior in terms of longevity. Latex is also an excellent material that prevents partner interference as it is useful for isolating movements.

The downside to these three materials, however, is that they're generally notorious for being hot and stuffy. They're not the ideal beds to sleep in if you live in the hotter parts of the UK without adequate air conditioning. With poor packaging or rough shipping, your foam or latex beds may arrive dented. As Ikea recommends, these dents usually go away by airing the mattress for up to 72 hours.

There are four beds in this group:

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Tal am Morgen(made of memory foam)

Ikea mattress test - are they good? (2023) (2)

Malfors(made of foam)

Ikea mattress test - are they good? (2023) (3)

MYRBAKA(made of foam)

Ikea mattress test - are they good? (2023) (4)

Moshult (made of foam)

Memory foam Morgedal has a core of said foam and is divided into comfort zones for a more precise and individual sleeping experience. The other Morgedal style shares the same design except that it is made with a high resilience foam layer. Malfors is a foam bed with polyester wadding and a non-woven polypropylene lining. Finally, Moshult is made of an elastic foam material that will last a long time.

Pocket spring core and spring

If you're skeptical about getting a foam bed because you don't necessarily like the constipation, an innerspring mattress is a great alternative. Because feather pillows are manufactured so they aren't as dense as foam, with fins that allow air to pass through, they're a more breathable and comfortable option.

Another great benefit you get from a feather bed is individual support. The springs all work independently, meaning they support different weights and other body parts differently. Springs are good for stability. However, they are not the best for relieving pressure.

Springs are also an excellent material for weight distribution and proper support. For this reason, traditional innerspring beds are recommended for back sleepers. Because they work independently, the bed effectively supports your weight while providing enough strength.

Also, because pocket springs act independently, they are great for isolating motion. This is perfect for those with sleeping partners who are restless. For maximum enjoyment, it is important that sleep remains undisturbed. In this case, these three benefits of pocket spring mattresses are similar to memory foam.

Dive into the differences between innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses, these have much more bounce. Bounce is a preferred thing, and that may or may not appeal to you. Another great benefit you get from a feather bed is that it offers more edge-to-edge support. The edge-to-edge support is ideal if you're slightly heavier or sleeping with multiple people (including children and pets). The edge-to-edge support also keeps the bed from sagging quickly.

In terms of durability, however, feathers wear out much more easily than foam. This is why foam beds have a longer lifespan than innerspring beds, as the springs give way slightly. While feather beds last around 5-10 years, their foam counterparts can last 7-10 years.

Another disadvantage of innerspring mattresses is that they are not very ideal for relieving pressure. While they provide excellent support, the material is a little stiff which isn't good for absorbing pressure from the joints.

There are eight styles in this group:

  • Hovag
  • Schelfstadt
  • Hafslo
  • Hamarvík
  • Hokkȧsen
  • running water
  • Vadsö
  • week of the house
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Hovagis 24 cm with independently coiled pocket springs that respond to your every move. In addition, it also has a generous layer of soft fillings for maximum luxury and comfort.

Ikea mattress test - are they good? (2023) (6)

Schelfstadtis 27cm deep with a bottom layer of individually wrapped pocket springs and a top layer of latex to complement the comfort and body contouring effect of the entire bed. Hafslo consists of Bonell high-quality but soft steel springs with a mixture of cotton and polyester as the lining.

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Hamarvíkis also made of Bonnel steel springs, but with 100% cotton lining material. Hokkȧsen is on the thicker side with a depth of 31 cm. Like Hyllestad, it has a latex layer for better comfort and pressure relief, which the layer of individually coiled pocket springs lacks.

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vbringhas a combination of natural materials that make the surface of the bed comfortable, pleasant and refreshing for the skin. Sourced from a wide range of coir, natural latex, cotton and wool, these natural materials ensure a sustainable sleep experience.

Ikea mattress test - are they good? (2023) (9)

Vadsöis simple and straightforward, with the Bonnel spring layer covered in a layer of wadding and foam that acts as a transitional layer between your body and the solid steel springs underneath. And finally, the Husvika bed is also made of steel Bonnel springs with a mix of polyester, modacrylic and cotton as the ticking.

What do you like to sleep on?

Since there is a wide range of styles at Ikea, I will group the beds into their different qualities. I'll look at the firmness, edge-to-edge support, sink-in effect, partner interference, and overall sleeping experience that each bed provides. This information is useful for narrowing down your choices based on your sleep preferences and needs.

In general, Ikea mattresses, while cheap, are not known for being the best quality. With that in mind, we highly recommend doing in-depth research in the reviews section of the actual website and other supplemental reviews from other outside reviewers to get a full understanding of what each mattress offers and how it works. This allows you to understand the risk associated with each bed.

Just as each mattress style comes in multiple sizes, some also come in different firmness levels. There are two firmness levels available for the Ikea beds: firm and medium firm. I will mention what firmness level each style has to give a broader and more comprehensive view of each mattress.

Hövag, Hyllestad, Hafslo, Hokkȧsen, Vatneström, Harmarvik, Morgedal and Malfors mattresses are available in both firm and medium firm. While Vadsö, Husvika and Moshult only come in one company. For the most part, most Ikea beds come in firm and medium firm, with only three styles unavailable for the medium firm option.

This makes the collection much more flexible and universal, since it caters to all possibilities and preferences. In general, a medium-firm base is recommended. Hardness is the golden mean of being firm enough to adequately support and stabilize your weight. Still, it's also not so firm that the bed becomes hard or uncomfortable.

However, there are still people who prefer beds that are a little firmer. In this case, there is still a wide range of options. When choosing the firmness of your desired bed, consider the benefits your body requires. If you're a stomach sleeper, you'll want something firmer so as not to strain your neck or other sensitive parts of your body. If you are a back sleeper, a medium firm bed is highly desirable.

In terms of edge support, the innerspring mattresses have better edge-to-edge support than the foam mattresses because they are more reinforced. While there are no claims of edge support anywhere on the website, some reviews mention good edge reinforcement provided by the innerspring mattresses. Note, however, that buyers report their nib styles sagging and sinking after as little as two months of use.

In terms of sinking, memory foam and latex options are superior. Because memory foam is made to sink, mold and conform to your body, these offer a significant amount of sinking. But like I said, this oneMattresses are not too softto the point where there is no more back support. It's also worth looking at the semi-hybrid latex-topped featherbeds like Hyllestad and Hokkȧsen.

Since the only two groups of materials used are foam and latex and pocket springs, mate interference is a trait common to most types of pillows. Both groups of materials are excellent at isolating movements and absorbing forces or impacts. This is usually a desirable quality found in all mattresses, as good sleep almost always equates to undisturbed sleep.

Overall, Ikea mattresses offer adequate support and are great at minimizing partner interference to a lesser extent. Pressure relief is a feature found in foam beds and spring-latex hybrids. The duvets are also great for a breathable, refreshing sleeping experience. Since the collection of styles is also wide-ranging, there is something for everyone.

weight and thickness

Aside from a wide range of styles, Ikea also offers their mattresses in a variety of sizes. This is a fairly comprehensive package of measures to match Ikea's full extensive collection of home improvement products. This also adds to the appeal of Ikea beds as good, cheap, all-round pillows that can offer something for everyone.

The table below shows the available mattress sizes and their dimensions. The last four sizes are specifically IKEA/European. If you are looking for the specific sizes that a particular style is available in, we recommend going directly to the Ikea website. Because availability varies and different bed styles come in multiple sizes, it's best to look at the actual source before purchasing.

mattress sizeDimensions
Standard-Single90 x 190 cm
Standard double room135 x 190 cm
normal king150 x 200 cm
Super sexy180 x 200 cm
IKEA/European single90 x 200 cm
IKEA/European double140 x 200 cm
IKEA/ European King160 x 200

How much do Ikea mattresses cost?

The table below is a complete list of all Ikea mattress styles and their respective prices. To make comparisons much more visible and convenient, I have chosen the sizes to be the smallest size available. This way the price differences are much clearer and visible at first glance.

However, keep in mind that each pillow style comes in different sizes at different prices. If you are looking for a specific price for a specific bed, we strongly recommend checking the current Ikea website. In addition, these prices are not fixed and change depending on several factors such as sales, season, etc.

mattress stylePreisSize
week of the house£11580 x 200 cm
Schelfstadt£265Standard double room
Hokkȧsen£379Standard double room
running water£499Standard double room
Morgedal (memory foam)£129Standard-Single
Morgedal (foam)£129Standard-Single


  • 25 year guarantee
  • 90 days free trial
  • 365 days return period
  • home delivery
  • 0% APR interest payment method via PayPal

Is an Ikea mattress right for you?

After scouring the internet and researching everything there is to know about the Ikea 2020 mattresses, we've concluded that while these beds are a great choice for a variety of sleepers and sleep preferences, back sleepers who sleep with partners will be the happiest.

Since most Ikea beds offer sufficient support and stability, they can distribute body weight excellently and thus prevent sore spots, especially in the back. As these are made of either foam or feather, motion isolation is an available feature that will surely benefit you from restless sleeping partners.

It's also worth noting that the Ikea memory foam and feather latex beds provide pressure relief and a sink-in feel. In addition, there are options between firm and medium-firm beds and beds that offer a springy effect.

While Ikea mattresses are not the best quality, they are relatively cheap. It's a hit or miss situation so we strongly encourage you to be cautious and informed when making your purchase. They're generally a great way to learn about different styles and are more suited to temporary and urgent solutions than long-term investments.

Final Verdict

If you are a back sleeper who suffers from back pain and sleeps with a partner, you will surely enjoy Ikea beds. In addition, if you are looking for cheap, functional and practical beds, these are the best options for you. With a wide variety to choose from in terms of styles, sizes, materials and firmness levels, it's impossible not to find a mattress that suits your needs.

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