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A bone graft or a bone augmentation for dental implants ensures a strong and safe grip for the artificial tooth before the implant is, it makes the long -term results of the dental implant process massive.

If necessary, our team offers a bone graft for dental implants and provides support and treatment throughout the entire dental implant process. There is no reason to live with the uncertainty of a lack of tooth or more teeth.To restore teeth.

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Bone transplantation for dental implants

TheCenters for the control and prevention of diseases, CDC, indicates that almost 1 out of 5 adults from the age of 65 has lost all teeth. It is important to restore the lost bone in the jawbone by bone graft treatment after tooth loss. The conclusion of this procedure can help to ensure that a future implant andArtificial tooths are properly supported in the long term. A bone graft is a procedure for the reconstruction of lost bones in the jaw and recommended for patients who have a loss of bone density due to tooth loss.

Good candidates for a bone graft are those who want to implant themselves in order to subject the lack of teeth, those with tooth loss or gum diseases and those with bone loss. During the jaw and the gums support natural teeth, the teeth also contribute to stimulating the jawbone. If tooth loss occurs, the supporting bone loses its main purpose, and the process of absorption begins. This process occurs when the body absorbs calcium from the jawbone and distributes it to other areas of the body.

The lack of calcium in the jawbone makes it more difficult to support the implant. The absorption also means that there are fewer bones that can combine with the titanium implant and help to consolidate a firm overview of the implant. The purpose of a bone graft processThere is to rebuild the bone density, which may have been lost after the natural tooth has been lost.

"It is important to restore the lost bone in the jawbone by bone graft treatment after tooth loss."

If bone transplant is required

A dentist typically uses a thorough oral examination and X -rays to determine whether a bone transplant process is required for dental implants. The jawbone usually loses the density due to the lack of teeth. The bone is obtained by pressure and stimulus caused by chewing,But if there is no tooth, the jawbone is no longer stimulated and begins to deteriorate. It is important to correct the deterioration of the bone, as this can lead to more harmful complications such as tooth loss. Toothed physicians lead bone transplants with bones from the patient's body, usually from the back of the jawbone.

Signs that indicate that a bone graft is required

There are two primary signs for which the dentist can search for when it is determined whether a bone graft is required. The first character is the thickness of the bone in the pine. The second sign is how soft or hard the existing bone is.In the jaw is thin, we will probably recommend a bone graft. If the bone is soft, a small bone graft may be necessary to strengthen the bone and to support the implant.May-klinic, Parodontitis damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth.Therefore, gum diseases is also a sign of possible bone loss.

"If the bone is soft, a small bone graft may be necessary to strengthen the bone and additionally support the implant."

How bone transplantation works

There are different types of bone transplants, including car transplant, allotranslantat, xenotobantat and an alloplastic graft. The majority of the procedures use real bones, although a synthetic bone material is used for an alloplastic graft.typically in the fact that either natural bones or a synthetic bone material is taken up and placed above the missing tooth by a small surgical process in the jawbone..

Bone transplantation is a fairly frequent process.A2016 studyfound that almost half of 800 people with dental implants needed a bone graft before implantation. A bone graft is an advantage for patients, since it also supports the dental implant. If necessary, the procedure of the dental implant can have a higher risk of failure.improve the function and oral health of the patient.

"It is typically that either natural bones or a synthetic bone material is absorbed and placed above the missing tooth by a small surgical intervention in the jawbone."

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What is to be expected according to the procedure

Although the patients differ in their condition, state of health and in recovery, there are various ways to heal the jaw faster. Bone transplantation can lead to swelling, bruising and slight bleeding of the gums after the procedure.To recover, adhere to soft foods and avoid dark drinks or sugary drinks. So it is important to practice good oral hygiene through a gentle brush and dental routine and the use of mouthwash.

We encourage patients to look for a qualified oral surgeon or an implant specialist because they are best sent with bone graft processes. It is important that patients play an active role in their oral health and understand their treatments.Your experiences with bone transplantation and how successful your treatments were.

"To recover as soon as possible, stick to soft foods and avoid dark drinks or sugar -containing drinks."

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Q. What is bone transplantation?

Q. When is bone transplant required?

Q. How does the bone transplantation work?

Q. What can I expect according to a bone graft procedure?

Q. Which alternative options are available instead of the bone transplantation?

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Q. How should someone prepare for a dental implant surgery?

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Alternative options

Although the bone transplantation may be the only procedure for individual tooth implants, there are some alternative options for those who are looking for complete arch or full mouth tooth implants.

Full ore prostheses are attached to the jaw with 4 to 6 implants that offer adequate security. This process works, the patient must have 4 to 6 areas with sufficient bones to effectively place the implant arch.The zygoma or cheekbone is embedded, in contrast to the jawbone. Since the implant is not attached to the jaw, a bone graft is not required for patients with low bone density.Review of 2,402 cygomatic implantsShowed a success rate of 96.7% over a period of 12 years. Cygomatic implants are the safest and most effective procedure in oral operation.

"Since the implant is not attached to the jaw, a bone graft is not required even for patients with low bone density."

Frequently asked questions about bone transplantation

Q.How do tile -rich plasma and bone morphogenetic protein improve bone growth?

A.Your dentist may recommend tile -rich plasma and bone morphogenetic protein to help yourself to regenerate and strengthen the bone in the bone transplant process.

Q.What properties should I search in a dentist who offers bone transplantation?

A.Experience is always an advantage in the selection of a bone transport specialist, but not the only factor that you have to take into account. It is helpful to have a conversation with the professional and ask questions about your training and the process works and who else will help in the treatment process.

Q.What possible options could a dentist recommend apart from the bone transplant?

A.If the patient intends to replace a damaged or loose tooth with a dental implant, the tooth procurement is required. In addition to a bone transplant process, a dentist can also recommend treatment for periodontitis together with the filling and repair of eroded or damaged teeth.

Q.How long does a procedure for bone transplants take?

A.The length of the bone enlargement depends on the type of process (car graft, alloplasty and more), the position of the bone transplant and various other factors. However, it is usually a routine process that takes a maximum of more than several hoursReturn home shortly after the end of the process.

Q.How much does bone transplantation cost?

A.The costs for the bone transplantation depend on the case of the patient, the severity of their condition and the type of bone transplants. In average, the bone transplant can cost between 200 and 1,200 US dollars per graft. We encourage patients to speak to their insurer,To find out what your plan covers and learn how the procedure affects.

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Dental implant terminology

A abutment is a component that continues on the dental implant so that a specialist can place a tooth crown in order to offer patients an artificial, aesthetically appealing and fully functional smile.
Several replacement teeth, which are determined by attaching to dental implants, natural neighboring teeth or a combination of the two.
A crown is an artificial tooth that is usually made of porcelain that covers the tip of the implant to offer humans an aesthetically appealing and fully functional tooth.
Dental implant
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed in your jaw to keep a replacement tooth or a bridge. Tooth implants can be an option for people who have lost a tooth or teeth due to periodontitis, injury or other reason.
Endosteal (endosseous)
Endosteal is a kind of dental implant that places a professional place in the alveolar and basal bone of the lower jaw, which only exceeds a cortical plate.
Epostal (subperiostal)
Epostal is a kind of dental implant that corresponds to the toothless surface of an alveolar bone.
Implant -based bridge
An implant -assisted bridge is a tooth bridge that inserts experts into the jaw by using dental implants in order to create a robust row of artificial teeth.
The Osseointegration is the process in which a Titan tooth implant puts the implant in the jaw over several months after a oral health professional.
Literally "around the tooth"
Resorption is the process in which the body absorbs the calcium from the jaw because there are no tooth roots that cause the required stimulation and use calcium in other areas.
Transostal (transosseous)
Transostal is a kind of dental implant that contains threaded posts that penetrate the superior and inferior cortical bone plates of the jaw.

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