BTS reaction: You're flirting with another idol (2023)

BTS reaction: You're flirting with another idol (1)

I hope that was what you wanted. I didn't know if you wanted separate reactions or if they are all with the reader, so I separated them. If you want me to rewrite itLet me know! Also if you want a part 2 let me know (:


Jin had asked you to be his date with MAMA and you couldn't wait. It would be the first time you would attend an awards ceremony with him. Usually you had work you couldn't afford, but this time you managed to get the day off. You weren't the only one excited, Jin was smiling and joking more than usual which was a lot. For Jin, this was his chance to show everyone how beautiful his girlfriend was. He couldn't wait to show you and your outfit.

The day of the awards ceremony had finally arrived and you got up early to look your best. You knew how important Jin's public appearance was and you wanted to do your best to look perfect. Your friend recently helped you buy a brand new dress, accessories and heels. It was Jin's favorite color and it flattered all of her curves.

Jin picked you up an hour before they were supposed to be there so you could hang out with the rest of the group. When you arrived cameras flashed trying to take pictures of the two of you together. You tried to suppress your fear and were grateful when Jin grabbed your hand and pulled you into the building and where the others were.

Twenty minutes passed and you told Jin you needed to use the bathroom. When he asked you to come along, you told him to enjoy his time with his friends. You quickly settled your business before making your way back to where you were all sitting. There, Jin was seen talking to another female idol. You really didn't think anything of it until you were close enough to hear their conversation.

Jin couldn't tear his eyes away from the female idol in front of him. "Did anyone tell you how beautiful your eyes are?"

"Thanks, you're so cute!" she giggled, a little blush on her cheeks.

"Like I can't stop staring at her! And you look so good in your dress!” Jin kept the comments going, which made you angry. He didn't even tell you how you look in your dress.

You clear your throat behind him and the girl's eyes widen when she sees you. Jin turned around with a big smile on his face and slowly slipped when he noticed how angry you looked.

"Jagi! Are you alright?" He tried to touch your arm, but you tensed, causing him to withdraw his hand.

When he smiled at him he could tell it was wrong and you said when the girl finally left, 'I'm going home early. I'll see you tomorrow then."

Jin stared at you confused, "Why what? Do you feel good? Something happened?"

"You were just flirting with her when I was supposed to be your date," you were trying hard not to let the tears fall.

He started getting angry and tried not to make a scene: "What are you talking about? I wasn't flirting!"

"Jin, you told her how good she looked in that dress. You didn't even compliment me tonight!” Your voice came out harsher and louder than you expected, making him wince a little.

You didn't give him enough time to reply, you just left the event and he prayed that you would allow him to make amends.

BTS reaction: You're flirting with another idol (2)


They didn't often visit Yoongi in his studio because he recently had Yumi, a female idol, to help him work on a song. They wanted to respect his work and tried not to disturb them. If all goes well with that, it could bring even more recognition to BTS. So far you've been away for three full weeks, only texting him mornings, evenings and whenever he texted you. In the fourth week they wanted to see if they wanted something to eat as it was just after lunchtime.

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Once the taxi you took pulled up to the BigHit building, you got out and made your way to his studio. You knocked on his studio door and heard his voice calling in.

"Hi guys! I just decided to stop by and see if you guys want something to eat? Could I go get something?" You smiled at her, trying to be polite.

Yoongi looked annoyed that you interrupted her, "Y/n, I told you not to come here. We're very busy and can't handle distractions at the moment."

You really tried to hide the hurt look on your face, but it seemed like Yumi noticed, "Actually, I'm pretty hungry. What were you thinking, Y/n?”

"How about something to take away from the building across the street?" I can even pick it up! Just tell me what you want," as much as you wanted to hate her, you couldn't help but smile.

After receiving their orders, they walked across the street to order. It wasn't long, maybe twenty minutes, and you were back in Yoongi's studio. You could hear their voices from outside the door and stopped with your hand on the handle when you heard your name.

"So who is Y/N?" Yumi's voice could be heard asking Yoongi.

"Oh, she's just a friend," Yoongi's words made your heart sink and tears clouded your vision.

Yumi's voice was laced with apparent excitement: "Really? She seems so cute. Maybe she'll let me set her up with one of my friends."

You expected Yoongi to be clear when she said this, but it was the opposite of, "Yeah, you should, maybe they can go on a date."

Not wanting to hear about the hurtful things anymore, you pushed open the door. Yoongi looked at you with tears in his eyes and turned pale because I thought you overheard them. He doesn't know what he would do if that were the case.

"Are you alright?" the concern in his voice was confusing since just a few seconds ago he'd been trying to set you up with another man like nothing had happened.

You couldn't stop the tremor in your voice: "Yeah, I-I just have to go home. I do not feel well. Don't worry."

"Oh okay, I hope you're feeling better," Yoongi said, relieved that you didn't hear their conversation.

Two days later the song was finally finished and Yoongi couldn't wait to see you, he missed you very much. He texted you to come to his studio to spend some much needed time together. What he wasn't expecting was you texting him and telling him to fuck off and be with Yumi instead. It took him a few minutes to figure out what made you think he'd rather be with her when his conversation with Yumi came to mind. He realized you probably heard it, the part where he said you were just friends.

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Hoseok had just returned from the tour and you couldn't be happier to have him back with you. It had been a tough seven months just seeing him through a phone or laptop screen, but you both stuck it out. Often the distance has made you want to just give up, but in the end it has always made your relationship stronger.

Hoseok texted you last night that he wanted to take you for a walk around town. The two of you didn't actually want to do anything big and spontaneous. In fact, you're the one who suggested just staying home and watching movies while cuddling. Hoseok, on the other hand, wanted to get out and get some fresh air. He was tired of always being indoors and having to stay for hours.

So here they were walking hand in hand through the streets of Seoul. At the beginning of your walk you complained that you just wanted to snuggle up next to him. While others may have been annoyed by your complaints, Hoseok smiled and laughed at you. He was so happy to actually be with you and not on a teeny tiny screen that he couldn't be mad. Also, he always thought you were cute when you complained and pouted.

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Three hours later and you both agreed to go to a small cafe for some lunch. Your feet and legs were relieved as you paused and sat down. They both talked for a while before a female voice called out Hoseok's name.

"Hobi! It's so nice to see you!" said a cute girl as Hoseok got up.

He pulled her into a hug, confusing you and making you restless, "Mimi! I can't believe you're here!"

You clear your throat and hold out a hand to the girl, "Hi, I'm Y/n, Hoseok's girlfriend."

"Oh wow, it's so nice to meet you! So, hobi, how are you? You look good.” Her full attention returned to Hoseok and his to her.

Hoseok looked her up and down while biting his lip. "I'm great and you look good too."

You also tried to intervene in the conversation, but it seemed like you weren't even there. Since you couldn't see the love of your life flirting with another girl in front of you, you decided to leave and return home. You thought he would immediately notice that you were missing, but that wasn't the case. An hour later he noticed that you were no longer there and by that time Mimi was gone. He tried to ask you why you left and to tell you that he was worried. You didn't believe a word he said and just told him you left because you couldn't stand seeing him flirting with another girl.

Walking down the street and thinking over everything that had happened, he knew he should have agreed with you and just stayed in the dorms.

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BTS had a photo shoot planned before they embarked on their world tour. Namjoon loved it when you came to such events because he had the opportunity to tease you and make you squirm around the room in your seat. When he heard from some of the Noonas that the wardrobe would consist of leather pants and chokers, he knew he had to invite you. Wearing lederhosen always drove you crazy and he was excited about it.

They arrived later than her, probably ten minutes later, and at that point they hadn't started. You went to Namjoon and the others to find out why they didn't start.

"Hey guys, why haven't you guys started the shoot yet?" you wrapped your arms around Namjoon's waist, which made him smile at you while the rest of the guys made comments about how gross you two are.

Namjoon just giggled at their teasing, kissed you on the head and answered your question: "There was a misunderstanding about which group went today. They're planning us and another girl group.” When he finished explaining, he noticed that at the mention of a girl group, you perked up and an idea began to form in his head.

He originally just wanted to upset you and make you nervous, but the more he thought about it, the better making you jealous sounded. Jealous sex has always been fun for him, he didn't care if it was him or you, and today it seemed like you would be the one. If he knew you didn't feel good enough and you were afraid he would find someone better, he would never have gone through with it.

At first it was just little glances at the girl, which you didn't mind, maybe he was just looking at something behind her. Next it was all set to look at her, which you'll admit made you feel a little bad, but you ignored it. When it was his turn he would always look at you while making the sexual grimaces, but today he aimed them at the now giggling girl in the girl group. Well that had hurt you and made you fold up a little.

Lately people have been commenting on all your Instagram posts saying you don't look good enough for Namjoon. You tried not to let them get to you, but you just couldn't pretend they didn't hurt you, at least not today. The last patience you had was when he started flirting with her and you were standing right next to him.

"You looked so good out there, Namjoon oppa," the girl you found out's name is Jisoo giggled the whole time while she looked at him with fluttering eyes.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes, Namjoon noticed, grinned and continued with his plan: "Thanks, maybe I could give you a private show?" You tense up and look at him in disbelief. How could he say that, especially right in front of you.

As they continued flirting, you decided to leave and return home. If he really wanted to be with her instead, who would you be to stop his happiness? Immediately Namjoon saw you left, he only did it to make you jealous not to make you leave. He sent you a quick message before he was called for a group photo. When he came back, he saw a notification on his phone:


Y/n 💋: I'm sorry I wasn't enough for you and I hope you two are doing well together.

Guilt flared up in him, he didn't want to make you angry with him or make you feel bad, just jealous. All he knew was that he had to make up with you before they left. He couldn't lose you.

BTS reaction: You're flirting with another idol (5)


Going to awards shows with your friend Jimin was always fun. Not only did you have to dress up nicely, but you also had to spend time with him. Jimin insisted you attend this one because he would be presenting the award for best female solo idol. You were so proud of him for getting the opportunity to present an award, he's always wanted to do it.

On the night of the awards ceremony, you got dressed while Jimin showered in your shared bathroom. When he was done, they both walked over to the waiting limousine. The door opened and you could see the boys fooling around. Jimin followed you into the car and joined in their shenanigans.

Arriving at the awards ceremony, Jimin held out his hand for you to take before everyone walked down the carpet. You stopped to take photos and eventually got to the entrance and went inside to find your seats for the night. Halfway through the awards ceremony, someone stopped by to get Jimin to get a physical before he went on stage. When he left you were talking to Jungkook about the latest video game that had come out.

Taehyung silenced you both when Jimin came out, which got you big smiles because he was so handsome. You watched as he announced the winner with his own smile on his face. After all the prizes were awarded, the guys went out and chatted with other idols. Since you didn't really know anyone, you just followed Jimin like a lost puppy. They both went to the female idol he had given the award to and they remarked how pretty she was.

"I just wanted to congratulate you again, you are such an amazing artist and you really deserve the award," Jimin gushed as he stared at the girl the same way he was staring at you.

She giggled and blushed a little. "Thanks, it's such an honor to have it from you."

Jimin put a hand on her arm. "No, it was really an honor to give it to you. You are just so talented and I was wondering if you would like to have some lunch sometime?” You couldn't believe what you had just heard, had he really just invited another girl with you?

The girl noticed the look on your face and started to feel uncomfortable, "Oh I'm sorry, are you two dating? Maybe we shouldn't have lunch together, Jiminie."

The name you used to call him fell out of her mouth and made you stir: "No, you guys can go out to lunch. He's a single man and can do whatever he wants.” You tried to laugh at it, but it came out choked.

You rushed outside to a cab as Jimin could only stare at you. Guilt, anger, pain and fear overwhelmed him as he recognized the words that came out of his mouth. He didn't mean to flirt with her, especially in front of you, but it just came out. He ran over to the boys and told them they had to go. He had to make sure you didn't leave him. When he came to your flat, he saw that you weren't there, but a message from you that you were staying with a friend for a while.

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Taehyung invited you to go to the awards with him, he wanted to share the experience with you. You two had only been dating for 3 months so you had to pretend to just be his friend. It didn't just hurt you, it hurt him to have to pretend you weren't the love of his life. He wanted to be able to show everyone, to show everyone that he was the one who got to take you home. He was the one who fell asleep in your arms and woke up with your smiling face.

Taehyung asked you earlier if you wanted to stay for the after party or just go home. You really wanted to go home and spend alone time with him, but you knew how much he wanted to stay and hang out with the other idols. So you told him you wanted to stay. You're supposed to make sacrifices for those you love, and you really love him. If you had known that in an hour he would be flirting with two other idols, you would have told him the truth.

Since you wanted him to be happy, you were left in the corner of the room and watched with pain as he approached the girls. You knew he was drunk, he'd been drinking too much, but it still wasn't an excuse for him to flirt. Heck, he left you alone at a big party surrounded by people you don't know. The rest of the guys decided on a night out and you really started wishing you had gone with them.

Finally, after standing there alone for an hour, someone came to keep you company. A handsome idol came over and stood next to you and handed you a drink.

"So why are you so alone over here?" She sipped her drink and looked at you out of the corner of her eye.

You turned to her, you might as well make some friends, "I'm here because my bo-my boyfriend left me to flirt with two chicks." You couldn't keep the bitterness out of your voice and it seemed like the girl caught your near slip.

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"Mmm, he's your boyfriend, isn't he?" she said as she looked and pointed at Taehyung who now had one girl clinging to his arm and the other one touching his chest. An ugly green monster called Jealousy rose up in your chest.

"No, we're just friends," you didn't try to suppress the jealous and bitter tone anymore.

She snorted into her drink, "Yeah sure and I'm the queen. Listen, honey, I know how it is. You're dating and you haven't gone public yet because it's too early, am I right?” You were shocked that she knew exactly where you stood. She looked at your shocked face and laughed some more.

"I'm an idol, I know how the industry works. If I were you I would leave him. If he can't even hang out with you as a 'friend' then he's not worth it," she squeezed your arm before heading into the kitchen to get another drink. You considered her words, your decision was made quickly.

Meanwhile, Taehyung couldn't find you anywhere and started to worry. The girl who spoke to you walked up to him: “If you are looking for your girlfriend, she left your ass while you were busy having a threesome with two other chicks. Good luck getting her back.”

He sat down on the couch with his head in his hands and thought only one thing and only one thing: I totally screwed it up.

BTS reaction: You're flirting with another idol (7)


You were backstage with the staff when the guys were finishing their concert. Tonight was an important concert, they had invited a girl group to a joint concert to attract more fans to come. Both groups, minus Jungkook, would come into the room and take their seats or stand up to watch Jungkook perform Euphoria. As you watched him with a proud grin, you overheard two of the five girls talking about him. You tried not to let it bother you, but her words made you jealous.

"Oh my god look at his muscles, he's so hot," said the one closest to you to her friend.

Her friend agreed as they both stared at his thighs and arms. "I wonder if he would be willing to come back to our hotel room later." They both giggled, blushing bright red at the thought of God knows what.

"We should ask him when he's done. A man like him would never pass up an opportunity to be with us," said the one next to you.

You clench your fists, take a deep breath, and try not to confront her. They weren't worth it since you knew Jungkook would never go with them, or so you thought. Jungkook came back after he performed and before you could go to him or him to you, the two girls rushed to him.

"Jungkook Oppa, you were so good!" they both squeaked at the same time. It seemed you weren't the only one who winced at their noise. Jimin walked over to you and stood next to you watching the three of them.

He nudged your shoulder with his "Are you alright, Y/N?" You knew he already knew the answer, but he was trying to be nice, so you gave him a bright smile, "Of course I am! Why shouldn't it be me?”

"Well, for starters, these two seem to be asking Jungkook back into their apartment," he was right, but you wouldn't let your jealousy and anger win, no, you would take the situation as an adult.

You went to where the three were talking. You took Jungkook's hand and smiled politely at the girls and got a glare back. They locked you out of the conversation for another five minutes before you managed to say anything.

"So, Jungkook, are you ready to go?" Your smile was smug as you looked at the other girls. Although it was their turn to grin and you frowned and looked at Jungkook in confusion, "What did you just say?"

He let go of your hand and walked towards the giggling girls, "I'll go back with them, I'll be back later."

Before they could say anything, Jimin came over, "Dude, are you serious? You're leaving with these two while your loving friend came all the way here just to see you perform?” everyone could hear the anger in his voice and was not blamed. You were angry too. You left before more could say, Jimin, scowling at his younger brother, followed you out of the room.

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Jungkook stared at the door for a while, then turned to the girls, "What have I done? We just wanted to play video games.”

"Yeah, and by playing video games they mean they want you to fuck them," one of the other female idols scowled at him, clearly pissed that he was stupid enough to let you go.

He just stood there, shocked, confused, angry, guilty. Everything directed towards itself. He knew he screwed up and he didn't know what to do since he might have just lost the best thing that ever happened to him.

BTS reaction: You're flirting with another idol (8)


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