Betrayed with a Kiss performance in Dante's Inferno (2023)

Guide made by rrushn

This is for all collectibles and is pretty easy to follow, drop me a line if you get stuck on one or need a better description. The coins and stones are found in the orange fountains, the relics are claimed by exonerating the demon dogs, and the shadows are the people with the glowing aura.

Also like Ruthless Remix said if you die check the collectible counts as it might not have saved and you will lose it.

Note: The coins and screens must be found in one playthrough as they do not transfer!


-Death Blade : Talk to the poet until he disappears 1/31
-Coin: A little further you will see an orange fountain on a ledge. Double jump to reach it 1/30
-Coin: Turn a lever to reach a breakable door, keep turning the lever past the door and you'll notice an orange fountain in an alcove to your left 2/30
-Shadow: Sits to the left of the demon door, can't miss 1/27
-Coin : Behind the statue where a rope is attached 3/30
-Charon's Oar : When hanging on the side of the ship, don't go up the ship, jump further to the right to find a demon dog in an alcove. Unlock it for your second relic 2/31
-Coin: Inside the ship, before using the box to advance, place it under the left alcove to reach an orange fountain 4/30
-Shadow: Sitting in front of the demon wall, can't miss 27/2


-Coin: Just before Charon's head, go left, outside, to find an orange fountain 5/30
-Eyes of St. Lucia: Don't go through the demon door on the right yet, but pass Charon's head and you'll find a fountain with a Beatrice stone and a demon dog with a relic 3/31
-Beatrice stone: next to the relic
-Lord's Blessing: Talk to the poet standing next to a demon door until he disappears 4/31
-Shadow : Go through the demon door next to the poet until you reach a balcony 27/3
-Saladin's Mercy: In the room, just before the judge, you'll notice a switch to the left. Go to the side (green fountain there) and double jump towards it. Pulling the lever lowers a statue, revealing a demon dog with relic 5/31
- Tail of Minos: From the boss 31/6


-Coin: When climbing a row of ropes, step onto the second one on the ledge to find a coin 6/30
-Francesca's Book: You will see a few vines further to your right as you climb the rope. Swing to them and climb up to reach a Demon Dog. 31/7
-Shadow: After falling down from the series of ropes, you can't miss it. (Totally for performance!) 4/27
-Filipo's Rage: On the bridge with electricity, third statue on the left. You can drop down here to reach a demon dog with relic 8/31
-Coin: On the bridge with electricity, fourth statue on the left. You can drop down here to reach an orange fountain with coin 7/30
-Tristran's wish: Talk to the poet in the tower 9/31
-Coin: Raise the platform with the statue on it to reach the left alcove 8/30
-Shadow: When you reached the top with the platform, go right and down the vine (definitely for achievement!) 5/27
-Shadow: After climbing the demon wall, to the right of the gem statue 6/27
-Arrow of Paris: Drop into the shadows to find a demon dog 10/31
-Coin: Jump to the left of the hide statue, to an alcove 9/30
-Antony's Standard: From boss 31/11

-Rain of Gluttony: At the rescue statue, don't go down, but go all the way right on the rope to find a demon dog 12/31
-Azrael's apprentice: From boss 31/13
-Coin: After defeating Cerberus, to your left. Don't miss 30/10
-Shadow: To the left of the hide statue. Can't miss 7/27
-Shadow: inside the mouth on the left 8/27
-Ciacco's Car: Talk to the poet after passing through the mouth 14/31
- Coin: Climb up both demon walls in the mirror maze to reach the top fountain for a coin 11/30
-Beatrice Stone: Reach the bottom fountain in the mirror maze for your final piece
-Coin: One of the vines lets you climb up to a platform for a coin and a demon dog 12/30
-Octavian's Gold: Se ovenfor 15/31


-Crown of Carthage: After falling down hover along a ledge to reach a demon dog, he is hard to spot so listen for his growl. If you have trouble finding it, use the next section to find it as they are basically in the same place 16/31
-Coin: after climbing the ledge you shimmed, you will notice an orange fountain on your right, jump to it, and double jump to the left, you will see another platform behind you. 30/13
-Beatrice stone: Go back to the platform you double jumped on and find the fountain ahead, it takes an awkward jump to get to it.
-Shadow: Jump up the first set of gears, jump to the second set and back to the single gear above you. You will see the shadow on the right... it takes a weird jump to reach it September 27th
-Coin: Next to the handle that opens the door in the 'guillotine' room 14/30
-Demon's Wing: When you go for the spiked door in the guillotine room, don't go through it yet, but jump from the middle 'guillotine' to the right one, you'll see an alcove with a demon dog 17/31
-Coin: In the circular room with the caged demon dog in the middle, drop down to find two fountains in area 15/30
-Shadow: After making the jumps in this room, go through the demon door, flip the switch and go back to the platform, make a jump to the right to reach an alcove with a shadow 10/27
- Wasted Gold: After pulling the switch, the cage opens and you can jump to the dog in the middle 18/31
- Coin of Plutus: After talking to the poet, don't climb the demon wall, but shoot all the way to the right and drop down after a dog. You will see it behind bars when you enter this room. 19/31
-Coin: Go back a bit on the demon wall and drop down for a coin behind the second set of bars 16/30
-Coin: On the way to a lever to activate a platform, the second fountain you see has a coin 17/30
-Coin: In the room where you have to bring down a platform by burning a gold statue. The right platform allows you to reach a coin 18/30
-Shadow: To the left of the save statue, next to a health and mana fountain 11/27
-Eye of Alighierd: From boss 20/31
-Hoarders Purse: After the boss, jump to the left of an alcove with a dog in it 21/31


-Coin: Before using the box to advance, push it to the right under an alcove to reach it 19/30
-Medusa's Call: Talk to the poet 22/31
-Shadow: Behind a breakable door to your right, hard to miss 12/27
-Coin: After falling down and a fight sequence, on a platform to the left, it's hard to miss 20/30
-Shadow: In the room where the switch is, to your right, hard to miss 13/27
-Guiding Flame: Next to the poet on the right along with a coin 23/31
-Coin: See above 30/21
-Shadow: To the left of the save point, it's hard to miss 14/27


-Rage of Farintha: talk to the poet 24/31
-Coin: In the hallway with the fires, can't miss. Don't go for it when you see it, run for the switch first or the enemy will fry you 22/30
-Calvanti's Blade: After the two times with fire, you will enter a room with virgil, to the right of him on the wall is wine, you can climb up. Climb it to reach a Demon Hound 25/31
-Shadow: After falling from a rope, don't miss 15/27
-Shadow: After blocking the fire with a crate and killing the heretics, don't miss 16/27
-Coin: Near the box, pull to prevent the crucible from going back to its original position 23/30
-Coin: In the room with the moving platforms, jump to the second and then back over the first to reach an alcove 24/30
-Seal of Epicurius: Next to the coin above 26/31
-Shadow: To the left of the second platform 17/27
-Coin: Just before the stalagtite room, drop down the vine to find a coin and a demon dog 25/30
-Frederik's Ring: Next to the coin above 27/31


-Coin: When entering rampage, keep pushing the second rope to reach a platform with coin, shadow and demon dog instead of falling down 26/30
-Shoe of Nessus: Se ovenfor 28/31
-Shadow: See above 18/27
-Coin: Lower the second fire platform, don't cross the river yet, return and jump for a coin 27/30
-Attila's Armor: Where you got the coin you will notice a demon wall, jump on it and use it to turn a corner where you will find a demon dog 29/31
-Coin: Left from the road after crossing the river 28/30
-Shadow: On the road, don't miss 19/27
-Coin: In the desert area, on a platform, hard to miss (Full for achievement!) 29/30
-Shadow: next to coin above 20/27
-Coin: on a platform to the right of the road, hard to miss 30/30
-Shadow: Go to the left side of the same road, you will notice a shadow on an 'island', hard to miss 21/27
-Memory of Acre: To the left of a platform you need to jump on to advance, hard to miss 30/31
-Francesco's Forgiveness: From boss 31/31


-Shade: On your way to your first trial, don't miss 22/27
-Shadow: After the 3rd trial, it can't miss 23/27
-Shadow: After the 9th trial, it can't miss 24/27


-Shadow: Next to the hide statue 25/27
-Shadow: Go up the ledge by the second vine 26/27
-Shadow: Next to the final save point 27/27

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