Best puffer fish for reef tanks (2023)

Best puffer fish for reef tanks

Puffer fish are famous for their cute smiles. You can also call them Globefish, Swellfish, Fugu, and Blowfish.

They belong to the Tetraodontidae family and have at least 100 species. Whenever you give them a threat, they will bloat their body by devouring water and grow to twice their standard size.

Their families include puffer fish, puffer fish, balloon fish, toad fish, honey toads, sea steamers and many others.

A powerful neurotoxin is released into their bodies when they bloat. These fish are poisonous, but not to humans. They release the poison for the animals that want to harm them.

You have a charming smile and lips like a human. They have a unique appearance among all aquarium fish.

You can eat a variety of crustaceans, snails, shellfish, crabs, clams, clams, shrimp, bloodworms and so many other things. You can quickly get sick with poor quality.

So always make sure you eat the right food. These fish's teeth grow throughout their lives because they love to eat hard food.

Freshly killed or frozen food is their favorite treat. It also has excellent eyesight. By turning their eyes, they can quickly see what's coming.


  • 1 Best Puffer for Reef Tank Reviews for 2021
    • 1.1 Odyssey-Aquarius
    • 1.2 Porcupine Puffer Fish
    • 1.3 Leopard puffer fish
    • 1.4 Dwarf Pea Pancakes
  • 2 interesting facts about puffer fish

Here are some of the best types of puffer fish for 2021 that you can easily buy from Amazon. So many people have emailed us about this fish as people struggle to find the best puffer fish for them.

So here are some of the best live puffers for your reef tank.

Best puffer fishCharacteristicsColorsPreis
OdysseeaquriumMaximum size 4 to 5 inches, real gourmet, beautiful natureIt is yellow in color with black spots.check price
Porcupine BufferSpiky balloons, flat spikes when relaxingThey have a brown color body.check price
LeopardenpufferLove to eat out of hands, max size 3 to 4 inchesThey have a full yellow body with leopard-like markingscheck price
Dwarf Pea PufferMini monsters, a bit aggressive, eatersThey have a brownish-green color bodycheck price


It's an adorable yellow puffer with spots on its body. This species is found throughout southern and southern Asia, mainly in the fresh coastal waters.

But you can easily buy it on Amazon through our site. It has a very sweet, warming and lovely nature. These fish love you when you take excellent care of them.

They should take care of their food every day. It can eat a wide variety of foods and is omnivorous. They have cute little girl lips and their smile is just love.

They are not large but grow to a maximum of 4 to 5 inches in length. They bloat their bodies when they think they face a threat.

They look cute when they inflate their bodies. It levels off in just 5 minutes when her anxiety is gone. They are foodies and love to eat their favorite foods.

Porcupine Buffer

It is a unique species of these fish that has spikes on its body. When frightened, they swallow a lot of water into their bodies and double in size.

They look like a complete spiked balloon, which is unique. The scales on its body turn into the long spikes.

But these spikes lie flat on their body and do not harm the human who grasps them. But when they fill their bodies with water, the needles come out and become sharp.

You should not grab them in this state as the spikes can injure you if they are straight.

Leopard puffer fish

These fish are known to inflate their bodies when threatened. They cannot devour the larger fish in the aquarium.

They have unique personalities that make people love and care about them. People consider them their loyal, lovable pet fish. They are adorable and sweet.

They can easily recognize their human companions, and the owner takes good care of them. They enthusiastically greet their keeper as they approach the aquarium.

If you hand-feed them once or twice, they will become familiar with you without hesitation or fear. They will approach you as you approach them.

They love getting their food out of your hands. These fish species are found all over the world. Even they make smiling faces to express their feelings about their favorite food.

I am 100% sure you will love this smiling face. The smiling face really attracts every heart. It lives in tropical and temperate climates.

You should make sure to decorate your tank properly to give them enough hiding places. They are afraid of so many things around them that they can easily hide in the castles or behind rocks.

They are also omnivores but will thrive on a variety of other diets as well. You should also feed them frozen food to allow their growth and color to improve.

Dwarf Pea Pancakes

This fish is about 2 to 3 inches in size. You can also call them the little monsters. Their health is perfect as they love their food.

They eat all their food whole and never waste it. It is found in freshwater, rivers and lakes throughout Central and East Africa.

They feed on crustaceans, crabs, oysters, molluscs and other small fish in the aquarium. Therefore, do not keep them in the aquarium water with other small fish.

They feed mainly on meaty foods. They willingly take meals from the mouths of their fellow fish. They're mini monsters, so only keep them with their own kind.

They are pretty but avoid holding them with the small fish. They're intelligent and intriguing, as well. Love them so they love back to you.

They are cute and have a nice and calm temperament. Needs-based feeding is better.

They have brilliant eyesight, can even see their food from afar and put on enthusiastic faces when they see the menu.

They are really hungry and love to eat all their food without wasting it. The average lifespan of this fish is about ten years longer than that of the other fish.

They are discreet and light in color and you may be surprised to learn that this light coloration depends on the amount of toxins in their body.

They can inflate their bodies three times larger and more powerful than any other powerful fish. They have a toxin in their bodies, tetrodotoxin, that is extremely dangerous.

These fish do not excrete this chemical from the body, so there is no danger to a human. But consuming this poison can kill you. Increasing their height is an excellent tactic against their predators.

So the big fish cannot eat them or harm them in any way. They protect themselves amazingly well and look beautiful while blowing.

They also use this self-defense mechanism when in danger and unable to swim fast. It becomes like a ball due to poor swimming and quick escape from threat.

last words

People hardly find any of these fish for their aquarium, but we have brought you some of the best puffer fish. Read this article in detail to get the best fish for your aquarium.

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