7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (2023)

In this post, you will find out the best office chair for sciatica for 2022. 😎

And that's important:

I didn't add these chairs just based on my personal opinion.

My reasoning for finding the best office chair for sciatica for you is based on factors like it should help you maintain proper posture, the material of the office chair, the price of the office chair, etc.

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The sciatic nerve runs from the pelvic region to the feet. It's the longest nerve in your body. The medical condition is called sciatic pain when it starts to hurt due to the continuous pressure of sitting.

You may have difficulty sitting down as well as getting up. Not to mention, you may not be able to get your work done on time, which can affect your productivity. If you suffer from sciatic pain, you need to learn to control it so you can sit still and work.

You cannot work due to back pain, neck strain, shoulder pain and leg pain. All of these forms of pain and stress are caused by poor posture. You probably would have spent years on itwork at a deskWork.

Herniated disc and sciatic pain are often associated with IT professionals. Since they sit for a long time due to their job, the body is often in a bad position due to deadlines and work pressure.

How can our guide help you control your health?

This leads to different types of body pain. So we've brought this guide to help you choose the best office chair for piriformis syndrome. Sciatic pain is caused by inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

You feel numbness in your legs or knees. It can be boring for some; for some it can be chronic. You can't stop sciatica pain, but what you can do is control it so your body can process it.

You become productive in your office. It gets worse if you are an entrepreneur or own a business. You are the leader and your work will affect your people. Therefore, you need to choose the right office chair.

You'll be pleased to know that many office chairs have different ergonomic features to help ease your pain. One of the features we noticed about these chairs is that they are wide enough to carry tall people.

Seats are firm, and some are squishy and comfortable to sit for hours without discomfort. You may want to learn more about office chairs for sciatica pain. This will help relieve your pain in the nerve.

What will I learn?💁 Show

Best office chair for sciatica - our tips 👌

1.Ergohuman swivel chair with high backrest and headrest

Greenguard has certified the ​Ergohuman High Back Chair. The high-back chair is made of high-quality materials. The design of the chair is robust and easily adapts to your body contours.

The back seat is made of mesh.It allows you to sit for hours without sweating. In summer in particular, you can sit for a long time at work without feeling uncomfortable.

7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (1)

The seat pan is also spongy, allowing you to sit for long periods of time. The headrest on the back is equipped with a pillow that provides enough support for the head and neck. This also relieves your eyes.

The headrest is comfortable and provides ample support when you want to recline. It is adjustable and you can push or pull it to increase the height according to your needs.

This is important before you want to take a quick nap or relax while reading books. You can adjust the height of the chair with the lever on the right. The double curve follows the shape of the body to support the lumbar spine.

The armrest angles can be changed as needed. A height adjustment knob increases the height of the armrest. You can also move around at your workplace orhome officewith the help of360 degree pan movement function.

7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (2)

The frame of the office chair is made of chrome, which can easily hold the weight. Below, the wheels are made from a double nylon roller. Consumers have highly praised the high chair with backrest as it helps them cope with sciatica pain.

It's slightly more expensive on the higher side. But if you want your sciatica pain under control, you need to make sure you get this chair. This high back chair comes in many colors including blue, copper, black, green, gray and burgundy.

The chair can support more than 200 pounds, which is good enough.


  • Thatoffice chairhas a 360 degree swivel motion that allows you to move around without getting up often.
  • It has armrests that can be adjusted according to your comfort and movements.
  • The chair is available in multiple colors to choose from depending on your decor and decor.
  • The headrest can also be adjusted according to your needs and comfort when you want to take a nap or relax.
  • The chair efficiently conforms to your body contours, controlling sciatica pain.


  • The back chair is pricey, but if you suffer from chronic sciatica pain, you must seriously consider this product.

The Ergohuman High Back Chair is a good office chair for people with sciatic pain. Although the price is high, you should buy this chair if you plan to work and sit for long hours.

Check the price on Amazon

(Video) Top 7 Best Office Chair For Back Pain In 2022

Ergohuman swivel chair with high backrest and headrest

2. ​Comfort Products Commodore II oversized leather armchair

The ​Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore Chair is the best executive chair you can find on the market today. The Commodore chair is upholstered in leather and offers a very sleek and beautiful design.

7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (3)

The seat cushion is very spongy and offers a lot of comfort when sitting down. You don't feel a lot of pain in your back or back sitting for long hours. The seat is also wide enough to provide enough space for the body and legs.

The chrome armrest is elegant and has a padded cushion for extra comfort. You get adequate lumbar support for your back and you can sit down and stand up quickly thanks to the seat height adjustment.

7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (4)

The chair also has a 360 degree swivel function that allows you to move around efficiently. You can easily fit in the chair if you are a tall person weighing 300 pounds.


  • The office chair is elegant with all black leather upholstery.
  • The frame and construction of the chair are excellent and provide support for tall people350 pounds.
  • The chrome base is strong and features dual casters for smooth movement around the office or home office.
  • ThatHeadrest is adjustableComes with chrome armrests that are padded for comfort.
  • It also has features like a swivel, recline tension, and seat height adjustment.


  • The leather material of the office chair may be a little uncomfortable to sit on in the hot season.

The Comfort Products 60-5800T Commodore Chair is ideal for someone who is comfortable in leather material for hours. It has all the required features for people with sciatica pain.

While researching whether kneeling chairs are good for sciatica, we made a video about "3 safe exercises to relieve sciatica pain,“, which is worth seeing. 🤴🏆

3 safe exercises to relieve sciatica pain

You might want to continue reading our guideBest office chairs for 300$.

3. Herman Miller Aeron task chair

The Herman Miller Aeron work chaircomes with a 12-year warranty periodthis is the best on the market. Its design is ideal for people with back and leg pain. The mesh material is supportive and provides the right shape for your back.

7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (5)

The office chair has a waterfall seat design, which ensures adequate blood circulation in the body. Not to mention your lower back doesn't feel any pressure. Itcomes with 5 spoke hooded, so you can move freely.

We would like to mention the tilt lock with three settings. Depending on the work you have planned, you can tilt the office chair. You can sit up and work, read a book and take a short nap.


  • The chair comes from 3 weaving patterns that are ideal for various office interiors.
  • The frame of the office chair adapts to your body contours.
  • The Kinemat tilt is patented and can naturally accommodate the shape of your body.
  • The office chair is durable and the parts can be replaced.
  • It comes with a 12-year warranty, which is the best on the market.
  • The seat cushion is comfortable so you can sit for hours.
  • There is a height adjustment button under the armrest.
  • The office chair rotates 360 degrees, helping you move around effortlessly.


  • The price of the chair is the only downside to an otherwise fantastic product.

The Herman Miller Aeron task chair has all the essential features that are ideal for people with sciatic pain. It doesn't get any better with more than three tilt lock positions. Not to mention the 12-year guarantee period.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair Review - The Most Comfortable Computer Chair?

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4. AmazonBasics High Back Chair

Backed by a 1-year warranty, the AmazonBasics high-back chair is known to reduce, if not completely relieve, sciatica pain. The design of the chair is sturdy and gives you excellent posture for your lower back and knees.

7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (6)

The leather material looks elegant and is spill-free. So you don't have to worry about spilled tea or coffee. It also has a thick armrest covered in foam for comfort and protection.

The swivel movement of the office chair is smooth and allows easy movement. You can adjust the height of the chair with the spirit level on the right. The office chair can support more than 250 pounds.

The rear lumbar support is excellent and comes with a recline tension knob. It comes in 3 colors white, brown and black. Once placed in your office space or cubicle, it gives the place a very executive look.


  • The office chair is an executive chair upholstered in black leather and PVC.
  • It features a padded seat and comfortable lumbar support for all-day comfort.
  • The rolling reels are smooth and offer you a360 degree rotation.
  • You get a 1-year guarantee on the office chair together with the supplied assembly instructions.
  • It supports a weight of 275 pounds.


  • The leather material can be uncomfortable if you sit for hours in the summer.

The AmazonBasics high back chair has the potential to help people with sciatica pain in the body. You will be amazed at how well the chair adjusts and how comfortable it is to sit.

AmazonBasics high-back executive chair review

5. CrossfordOffice chair with lumbar support

The Crossford Furniture office chair offers ample support for the back and thighs when you choose to sit for long hours. This leather office chair ensures the right sitting posture.

7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (7)

The butterfly design has more foam that gives you the ability to sit in an upright position for several hours. The seat cushion is constructed in such a way that it does not deform even after 8 hours of sitting.

The back is supported and the armrests are curved, giving you good support. It has a360 degree swivel movement, easily supporting more than 250 pounds. The angle of inclination is slightly lower with this chair.

However, the side is wide enough to leave ample room to shift your body weight if you are uncomfortable. The armrest has enough padding to support your hands and wrists.

The assembly of the office chair does not have to be that difficult. However, some users have complained about it. It is a good chair for those who suffer from back pain and sciatica problems because it can help your cause.


  • Crossford furniture offers ample lumbar support and comfort when seated.
  • The assembly is quite easy as you can do it yourself.
  • The armrests are padded for comfort and well finished.
  • The seat features a waterfall edge that gives you thigh support.
  • The office chair can support a weight of up to 250 pounds, which is good enough for people of average height.


  • The pricing for thisOffice chair can put many people off, but if you suffer from sciatica pain, you can think about it.

The Crossford Furniture office chair gives you adequate back support without sacrificing comfort. It is preferable because the pleasure is more than its price.

I want to share a video with you about sciatica stretches and exercises that will be worth doing.

Sciatica Stretches and Exercises - Ask Doctor Jo

6. Serta 45637 Puresoft Executive Chair

The Serta 45637 Puresoft Leather Chair is a large executive chair made from quality materials for ultimate comfort, especially for sciatica sufferers. The faux leather that the leather seats are made of gives them an elegant look.

7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (8)

It is leakproof and therefore easy to maintain. The high design of the office chair can carry up to350 pounds. The armrest is also padded, and you can rotate without getting up on a surface.

(Video) Best Office Chairs for Sciatica to Reduce Pain

7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (9)

The recline feature allows you to recline if you wish. The manufacturer has added a stylish coating with five hooded chrome-plated sockets. The height adjustment lever ensures adequate blood circulation.

Below is a summary of the main pros and cons of the Serta 45637 that earned it a spot in our list of the best office chairs for sciatica pain.


  • The office chair consists of high-quality components.
  • You are offered comfort, lumbar support and durability.
  • The large frame is ideal for tall and wide individuals weighing over 350 pounds.
  • The layers are made of premium foams and comfort coils. The seat shell is also deeply layered for soft seating.
  • The office chair has a tilt adjustment that allows you to adjust the chair to your liking.
  • Also, the height and stroke adjustment improves your body alignment and relieves the pain.
  • The faux leather comes in 3 colors to easily complement office decor.


  • Some users feel that the plastic used in the office chair will be damaged quickly.

The Serta 45637 Puresoft Leather Chair is a soft office chair that offers optimal comfort for sciatica sufferers. It features synthetic leather, height, recline, and lumbar support and can quickly pack in excess of 350 pounds.

You may want to explore oursThe best office chairs under 100$ leadership.

7. Viva Office leather office chair

das vivaLeather office chairis a high-performance office chair made of leather and adequate upholstery that relieves sciatica pain. The mesh is breathable and contributes to your comfort for those long hours.

7 of the Best Office Chairs for Sciatica - Reviewed [2022] (10)

It has a layered seat pan with enough padding to easily support 350 pounds. The waterfall seat design gives you thigh support and adequate blood circulation. You can sit comfortably on the office chair by using the armrest for a smooth swivel.

You can use the hydraulic lever and adjust the height as you need. With the tilt function, you can pull the lever and tilt backwards. You can quickly assemble the office chair, with up to 2 years of interchangeable components.

It comes in black color that suits any office and home environment.

Below is a summary of the main pros and cons of the Viva office chair that have earned it a spot in our list of the best office chairs for back pain and sciatica.


  • The office chair controls are easily accessible on both sides to increase or decrease the height.
  • You can also use the recline function to recline for relaxation.
  • The frame of the chair is quite high and can support 350 pounds people.
  • The office chair is made of bonded leather with soft spring pack upholstery.
  • It adapts to your body shape and provides you with sufficient comfort during long working hours.


  • Few users feel that it takes more than 20 minutes to assemble.

The Viva Office leather office chair is one of the most affordable office chairs for sciatica sufferers. The high performance chair and its superior ergonomic design make it the ideal purchase for you.

Choosing the Best Office Chair for Sciatica: What to Consider

One that comes with the right ergonomic design. You have to see that the chair supports the back region and eliminates the pain of the sciatic nerve.

The knees and the back of the body should have the correct alignment. Your knees must be straight and not bent. The headrest and armrests must give you the right support in these areas.

It should help you maintain proper posture:

The main thing to pay attention to is that it must give you the right posture. Whether you want an office chair to work, play, or relax in, it should help you keep your legs flat on the surface and give your lower back adequate support.

This helps immensely in protecting or relieving the sciatic nerve from inflammation. Not to mention that the chair is useful for relieving the pain in the lower back, neck, shoulder and hands.

Correct posture when sitting involves the whole body. A waterfall-edged seat design helps allow blood flow throughout the body, even when seated for hours. This is also helpful in reducing stress in the areas that prevent stress and fractures from occurring.

The material of the office chair:-

The material of office chairs is another thing to pay attention to. Even if you can sit for hours, you need to be comfortable when you sit. After all, that's the whole point.

These office chairs are available in leather,Vinyl, and Mesh. Vinyl and mesh are comfortable, but leather might not be, especially in the summer. Some consumers have also found the mesh material a bit uncomfortable.

However, you can put a cloth or pillow on the bottom if you feel it is a hard or rough surface. It looks like you have tremendous pain in your lower back and legs. You don't want it to further aggravate the rest of your body.

Office chair price:-

The price of the best office chair for sciatica is often on the higher side. Because the office chair has ergonomic properties that relieve your pain and at least allow you to sit for longer.

Many patients have also found comfort in lounge chairs. However, a recliner is usually not allowed in offices because you feel too relaxed and can even doze off. Beach chairs are also expensive.

The bottom line is that when you're looking for a comfortable office chair for your sciatic pain, you might not want to check the price tag first. If the chair has all the necessary ergonomic features, you might want to go for it.

Ways to control sciatic pain

We thought we'd give our readers some useful advice to help you control sciatica pain. The sciatica pain can sometimes be unbearable and leave you in intense agony for a few hours.

The pain intensity or duration of pain varies from person to person. There is also the age factor. Usually people over 50-60 years old start to experience it slowly. However, in most cases, individuals delay medical care and treatment for personal reasons.

(Video) ⭕ Top 5 Best Office Chair for Sciatica 2021 [Review and Guide]

Buy a good office chair:-

But they don't realize that they are giving the pain a chance to grow and reach a stage where it becomes unbearable, even though the best way to control the pain and get on with your work is by purchasing the best office chair for sciatica .

You must not let the pain affect your life. Whether you are 40 or 70 years old, you would very much like to be able to sit on a chair and sit for some time, read a book,Work on your PC or laptop, or even take a little nap.

Physiotherapy and Exercise:-

Remember, sciatic pain cannot be cured with an office chair. Physical therapy and exercise can control the pain by further interfering with your movements. The best way to control the sciatica pain in your body is to consult a doctor or physical therapist who can recommend some light exercises for your lower back.

You also need to be careful not to bend over often or lift heavy weights. So please take your time and read our guide before choosing the office chair, color and budget.

📗 FAQs on the best office chair for sciatica

Below are a few questions about the best office chair for sciatic nerve pain that everyone expects to answer, and I've included the same for my readers.

What Type of Office Chair is Best for Sciatica?

Kneeling chairs are very effective for people with sciatic pain. Sitting at an open angle reduces pressure on the lumbar spine more than traditional office chairs.

How to sit in an office chair with sciatica

It is recommended not to cross your legs, keep your feet flat on the floor, bend your knees and hips at a 45 degree angle, and if the chair has wheels, use them for movement rather than flexing your body move.

Are hard or soft stools better for sciatica?

The hard pillow does not relieve the sciatica pain. The pressure on the sciatic nerve is not reduced even with prolonged use. However, sitting on a hard cushion will feel comfortable at first.

Can an office chair cause sciatica?

Poor office ergonomics can lead to the development of sciatica. And if you already have sciatica, office chairs will make it worse. Lower back pain is severe sciatica, usually caused by poor sitting posture.

Can Sitting on a Hard Chair Cause Sciatica?

Yes, prolonged sitting in a hard chair can develop or worsen sciatica if it's already present. It is primarily due to the pressure that sitting for long periods of time puts on the sciatic nerve.

How to sit in an office chair with sciatica

After purchasing an office chair for your condition, you need to sit up straight. You need good support for your back and bottom. You may not want to lean forward as it can affect or strain your lower back.

The legs must be well on the surface and at the right height. That being said, the knees should be bent at the right angle with ample support. Most fountain-edged office chairs should do the trick.

Can sitting for long periods cause sciatica?

Sciatic pain is often caused by sitting in awkward positions for hours. In most cases, people are often in their mid-40s. They probably started working at a desk in their 20s, and due to poor posture, this may have led to this condition.

You feel pain or a muscle spasm in your legs or back. You will get sciatic pain if you stand or sit for a long time. You can feel it when you sit on a low seat like a toilet seat or low platform.

Can you use a saddle chair for sciatica?

Yes, you can consider using a saddle chair for your sciatic pain. However, you must ensure that your sitting position is maintained. Not to mention that the chair should be raised a bit for easy getting up.

You don't want to exert yourself too much when standing up. Saddle chairs give movement to your body through movement. The pain will also decrease if you use them to sit frequently.

Can Sitting in a Bad Chair Cause Sciatica?

As we've read throughout this guide, the number one cause of sciatica pain is poor posture while sitting. You can expect mild symptoms of bad positions if you've had a desk job for 15-20 years.

Luckily, you have office chairs that come with multiple ergonomic features to improve sitting and body movement. If you like to sit slumped or hunched over, you may want to sit as straight as possible.

How long can you sit in a chair with sciatica?

This is a medically oriented question. It depends on your body's ability. Some people with sciatic pain can sit for 30 minutes or less. However, some people can sit for 2 hours straight without a problem.

If your sciatica flares up, you can get up slowly and walk around for some time. You may not want to sit for many hours or for long periods of time. Even though you're sitting up straight, you're putting strain on your back, which can cause it to strengthen.

Conclusion on the best office chair for sciatica

That ends our list; Unfortunately, your pain may not be over yet. But you will be glad to know that there is an effective solution through the best office chair for sciatica.

If you are in pain but need to make a living, you may want to buy the chairs mentioned.

As we said in the previous part of this guide, we have done extensive research on these chairs to help patients with this pain sit and work in peace. If you can't work without body aches, your productivity will decrease.

Not to mention that the prices of the chairs are also flexible, so you can decide according to your financial capabilities. Take care of your health and be productive at work with one of these chairs.

(Video) The 5 Best Office Chair for Back Pain in 2022 | Reviews | Best Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

Thank you very much!


How do you sit in a computer chair with sciatica? ›

Tip #1. Take a Seat
  1. Don't cross your legs.
  2. Position feet flat on the floor.
  3. Keep hips and knees bent at a 90-degree angle.
  4. If your chair has wheels, use them. Instead of twisting and turning your body, use the chair to move your body as a single unit.
Dec 2, 2022

Is a hard or soft chair better for sciatica? ›

Hard cushions cannot reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve in the gluteal area. For people suffering from sciatica it will not effectively reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve over an extended period of time.

Can my desk chair cause sciatica? ›

Yes, prolonged sitting can cause sciatica. The weight of your upper body is displaced entirely onto your lower body putting pressure on your sciatic nerve which causes sciatica.

What is good for severe sciatica? ›

Lifestyle and home remedies
  • Cold packs. Place a cold pack on the painful area for up to 20 minutes several times a day. ...
  • Hot packs. After 2 to 3 days, apply heat to the areas that hurt. ...
  • Stretching. Stretching exercises for the low back might provide some relief. ...
  • Medications.
Sep 13, 2022

How can I sit and not irritate my sciatic nerve? ›

Sciatica sufferers can try several positions to minimize the pressure on the affected sciatic nerve. You can sit comfortably by keeping your feet flat on the floor, sitting with your back all the way to the rest of the chair, maintaining an open hip angle, and using a lumbar support or seat cushion.

How can I prevent sciatica at my desk? ›

When your work requires long periods at your desk, try to get up every hour and walk a short distance. Take slow, deep breaths and use a correct walking posture. Adding a recurring alarm on your phone or computer that prompts you to take a break and walk every hour may be helpful.

Why does sitting make sciatica worse? ›

Sitting too much can also trigger or worsen sciatica pain. Sitting is another activity that puts a lot of pressure on your glute muscles, lower back, and sciatic nerve. Moving around gives your sciatic nerve a break, a chance to stretch and allow blood to flow to the area.


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