22 Best DIY Soap Ideas That Smell Amazing (2023)

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I love a unique looking bar of soap, but it has to smell good too! If you're anything like me you like to save money and are always looking for another project to try at home... Well these DIY soap tutorials will give you some ideas to get you started. Not to mention they smell amazing too! Whether you want something with essential oils, a pumpkin spice scent, or anything in between... you'll find one here to suit your style!

Here are the homemade soap recipes that I like:

Homemade Epsom Salts Soap

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Those: dream a little bigger

I highly recommend this Epsom Salts soap! Not only does it smell amazing because it's used with an "Ocean Beach" essential oil scent, but it also looks gorgeous with its deep blue color. Essential oils are, well, essential for relieving muscle pain. With 6 materials and around 20 minutes, you'll feel refreshed enough to work hard AND play hard. I always have this on hand as I am a busy bee myself. I love it!

Homemade Watermelon Soap

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Those: My frugal adventures

This homemade soap is one in a melon! Seriously, how cute and awesome is this bar of watermelon soap? This is the perfect gift idea or a summertime soap for your own home. Using just one mold, goat milk soap, dye, chia seeds, and your choice of essential oil, you can easily make all of this yourself! I would recommend using "happy" essential oil, it has a sweet smell when I put it in my diffuser which would be great for that. Summer perfection!

DIY milk and honey soap

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Those: Happiness is homemade

"Spoiler alert! This milk and honey soap never expires honey! I'm obsessed with this 10 minute DIY honey and milk soap shaped like bees and beehives... how it smells, how it feels and how it looks. This has a goat milk base, honeycomb shape, coloring, measuring cup, and organic honey that's amazing for the skin...and it smells amazing too!If you're new to the skin, hair, and even consumption benefits of honey! honey pills I highly recommend you do this, but that's all you need and she's not kidding when she says it takes 10 minutes, it really is that quick and easy!

Seascape Melt & Pour Soap

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Those: soap queen

"Lathering" can be an art, and in this case the result is absolutely stunning. If you're looking for some Vitamin SEA, you'll never buy store-bought soap again with this sea soap melting tutorial! According to the tutorial, the most important aspect of melting and pouring soap is realizing how the soap reacts to different temperatures. The green and blue colors swirled into this soap would make a gorgeous gift, it smells amazing, and the tutorial makes it incredibly easy to make this all by yourself quickly and easily. I would love to escape to this seascape!

DIY gradient soap bars

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Those: A nice mess

Blossom after blossom, spring is finally here! And for us here in Michigan, it's the end of freezing tundras, days of being stuck, and my seasonal depression. You'll definitely want to kickstart spring with this DIY soap bar featuring colorful gradients. I love the colors of this soap, the colors are pastel yellow, blue and pink. You can also choose your own scent here and I really recommend spring essential oils. Yay spring!

Citrus Summer Punch Swirl Seife

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Those: bumblebee & me

If you're not barefoot this summer, you're overdressed. Speaking of summer, these citrus summer punch swirl soaps are bright and pretty like a sunny summer day, citrus scented like a cold glass of fruity drink on a long summer night, and will leave your golden summer skin feeling refreshed. This is beautiful to look at and it smells SO. GOOD. With grapefruit essential oil, coconut oil, cherry blossoms and 8 other ingredients, you've got a bar of summer soap meant to drown your skin... and your nose, too. Sun out, soap out!

Recipe for herbal garden soap

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Those: Beautiful greens

This garden soap recipe is one of the prettiest I've seen so far. Everything from the white base to the flower glued on to the lavender and herbal scents emanating from the soap... This would make an exceptional homemade gift or a focal point in the guest bathroom. This tutorial contains only 10 easy steps with pictures and videos. Life is a garden, dig it!

Activated Charcoal Soap Recipe

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Those: Oh the things we're gonna make!

Scrub a dub dub. Have you seen all those videos and articles about brushing your teeth/washing your face with activated charcoal? This is said to draw bacteria and dirt to the skin's surface, leaving it feeling fresh and rejuvenated. If that sounds like something you might be interested in(who wouldn't be)then this is the DIY soap for you. The midnight black color of the bar of soap itself adds a modern feel to any shower or bathroom, and this bar of soap will do wonders for your face or skin. Do miners always have clear skin?

Dandelion Soap

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Those: Grow Forage Cook Ferment

This soap is made from a whole dandelion. It has a pastel green and beige presentation that's perfect for spring or summer showers, and did I mention the smell? Essential oils of lemongrass, sweet orange and peppermint also make up this PLANT and moisturizing soap. Plus, it requires less than many other soaps, so you can make it quickly and easily, as easy as picking a dandelion. This will definitely make you feel good!

Melt and pour DIY rainbow soap

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Those: growing up fork

If you're looking to add some color to your life, this layered rainbow DIY soap project will literally bring you alive! This is the perfect soap melting and pouring project for a little kid in your life, pride week, or a rainbow themed party favor. It's pretty, it's sassy, ​​and while I don't taste Kegels, I still feel rejuvenated and fresh "rainbow" feelings on my skin after every shower. Maybe it's the hydrating plant therapy oil used in the crafting of this rainbow-smooth goodness? Somewhere over the rainbow you will find me with this soap!

DIY swirl soap

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Those: Optimize and tinker

Oh my whirl, this homemade DIY soap is gorgeous! But that's not all... This is leaving myskin feeling so soft, exfoliated and refreshed. And here's why: Coconut oil, canola oil, shea butter, and avocado oil are the ingredients used to prepare this magically swirling bar of goodness. Then she adds the colors to create the swirl effect and voila! You'll never want to buy soap again, and neither will your skin!

DIY Edelsteinseife

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Those: In the lake house

These soapstones look like the real diamond and mineral rock deal. The blue-green color of these little bars of soap is absolutely unreal. I've never seen soap look prettier than me, that's for sure! Plus, you can customize it with any essential oil you want to use. This is easier than you would ever think and the tutorial makes it so easy. I found a diamond in the rough... in the shower!

DIY Galaxy Safe

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Those: Beauty Crafter

This DIY galaxy soap is out of this world! If you're looking for a bar of soap that not only pampers your skin with its essential oils and activated charcoal, but also shines with its jet black center and sparkle... Then you've found your perfect barspacetasticWasher. I love the dark and sinister look and the ingredients are all amazing for your skin. Also, you don't have to use the melt and pour technique with paints, so the process is easier. I love this to the moon and back!

Homemade unicorn soap

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Those: A Kailo chic life

This unicorn-studded soap is incredibly adorable... SO adorable that you could only explain it in terms of unicorn magic, or maybe just a uniquely awesome DIY soap project. With some yellow star sprinkles, soap base, rubbing alcohol, a microwave-safe bowl, and soap dyes, you have a bright, colorful, happy, unicorn-esque bar of soap yourself. This would be a great project for a kids birthday party and a great gift in a goodie bag. Magic AF!

DIY marbled soap

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Those: Homey oh my god

Marble is in and I'm here for it! My kitchen island is made of marble, my phone case is made of marble, my daily planner is made of marble and now my soap can be made of marble too! This looks chic and I love the black marble lines with the white soap, it looks so modern in a bathroom. This is a quicker DIY project using only 8 materials used. And can we talk about the smell? The scent of shea butter and eucalyptus gives this a refreshing scent that I can't get enough of. This soap really is a marbled beauty!

DIY Soap Stones

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Those: DIY im PDX

Wow these soapstones are so stunning. They feel like a diamond/mineral and have a shiny and soft finish. Each stone looks different and there is so much room for customization. To be honest, they are so pretty that you might just want to show them off. And the secret of these sensationally rocked beauties? powder eyeshadow!!!

Now, I'm not saying to use your expensive nude palette to make these soapstones, but it doesn't take much and the turnout is worth a few dabs of your cheaper eyeshadow or mineral finishes. I'm obsessed with these!

Easy Pumpkin Spice Soap

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Those: Oh the things we're gonna make!

I am delighted with this soap. Pumpkin spice and all things beautiful is the theme for this fall, and this DIY pumpkin soap bar is sure to spice up your life. I've never heard of using real pumpkin puree in a bar of soap until now, but it makes the smell potent and refreshingly bold. It is then paired with a sweeter scent of coconut oil and nutmeg for a blend that is second to none. And the beige and dark brown colorway? How stunning! LOVE you as much as I do!

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Avocado and Milk Cold Process Soap

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Those: Mom rebooted

Is there anything avocado CANNOT do? It's good for your heart, boosts your immune system, and it's even good for your hair and skin! This avocado milk process soap is gorgeous seaweed green in color, leaves your skin soft and sultry, and is made from avocado, so it's definitely a trendier soap option. This requires a few more steps as it involves melting the avocado just right and leaving the milk to stand, but it would make a great DIY weekend project or gift for a loved one. This soap is just "ripe" for summer!

Melt ombre and pour soap

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Those: garden therapy

Who knew you could ombre more than just your hair? This DIY soap melting and pouring project leaves you with fading lavender colors from an off-white to lavender itself right on top as done by your very own favorite hairstylist. After being melted and poured, lavender essential oil is added for a scent said to reduce anxiety and stress. Plus, it keeps you calm and collected throughout the day. Scrub a dub dub, relaxing in the tub!

DIY soap with essential oils

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Those: The pretty life girls

Here's another stunningly bright and colorful pastel DIY soap project! If you're looking for a beginner project but still want to make a statement with some bouncy pizzazz in your soapy stuff, this would be a great place to start. This only takes 5 materials and about an hour of your time. The colors range from pastel blue and green to yellow and pink and it's a great springtime soap. I love how she integrates three different scents, including spicy eucalyptus to fresh peppermint to calming lavender. The wide range makes for a unique scent and leaves my skin feeling soft like Easter Bunny's tail. Past-ell-yes!

Mint Poppy Scrubbing Soap

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Those: Bumblebee & Bee

Sweet poppy seeds mixed with fresh mint... Uniquely amazing! I love everything about this soap bar. I love the mint color, I love the black poppy dots all over and I LOVE the unique and minty smell. This would make a great party favor or a great bar of soap for all seasons. The smell is strong but not overwhelming, and it's made with coconut oil and shea butter to keep your skin smooth and shiny. This soap and I aremintbe!

DIY ice cream soap

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Those: The makeup doll

Red, white and scrub a dub dub BLUE! These patriotic melt-and-pour soap pops will have you feeling fresh, patriotic, and very American. This is the perfect project for July 4th or Memorial Day. The bubbles are gorgeous, the essential oil smells amazing, and the process is quick and easy. I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free and can make my own soap!

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